Beginning the Journey to Chengdu in Jeep

It’s time to leave Lhasa Town. Where are we going next? We’re on our way to Chengdu, basically a simple road trip with a Jeep and a driver and a guide. Now not bad. Sad to leave the town of Lhasa as we grew fond with it with each passing day. During the first few days of the trip we miss home, but as time goes by we dread to see our holidays coming to an end.

Tibet Road Trip from Jeep

This is the 16th installment of our trip in Tibet and it’s almost nearing the end with hopefully only another 2 to 3 more chapters. Then it’s time for some Bali post and other posts which have been outdated. I know I know.

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Sunlight on Lake Out of Lhasa

No more shots of Potala Palace. No more walking around on our own in the town of Lhasa. No more going anywhere we like during the day. Ahhh, so many things we missed. The funny poses we do in the city. The kids that came to us begging for 1 Yuan or 10 cents.

Okay, there are many more memories to note, but it’s now all a memory. What better way to document it than to blog about it. Anyway, along the way we took some scenes that we felt were breathtaking even when we were in the jeep.

Reflection of Autumn Leaves

The above photo is clickable and with a width of 1280px, it’s suitable to be a wallpaper with that resolution. Of course, those using 1400px and above resolutions will have a problem with it. If you would like a higher resolution for this photo, do drop me a comment or email me at my email stated on this site. As we’re traveling during September, the leaves started to change colors and thus one gets to see the wonderful work of nature getting ready for the next upcoming season which is Winter.

Beyond Greeneries

Going through the road along the hill, the view is amazing. Basically the sky made the photos simply spectacular. It’s so hard to get skies like this in Equator bound countries. Well, couldn’t complain, each has it’s own advantages.

Milha Mountain Entrance

Time for me to appear once again. Whoa… look at this big stone of a sign. We’re now stopping for a breather after a long jeep journey at MiLha Mountain Entrance which is like 5013.25m above sea level. Shouldn’t 5000m and above be very cold, why am I dressed like that? Well, it’s different compared to the 4000m mountain we have in Malaysia though. Don’t really need to have thick clothes.

Along the way, we drove alongside the hills and thus sometimes we get to see streams of rushing water coming down the hill as a river. Well, where does the water comes from? They were melted ice of course.

Tibet Rushing River

Look at the amount of people that wanted to take photos.Amazingly nature’s blessing.

Pose beyong the Rock

Of course, can’t resist to pose once again. This time though I’ve spared you the full face of mine, with shadows blocking me. What’s so special about this landmark though? Do you see the rock in the middle of the stream? Weird right? One big rock in the middle.

River Flows Within the Rock

A photo without me in it as a distraction. Can’t really picture the scene? Have a look at the next photo then.

Rock in Stream

This photo was taken downstream facing the stream of gushing water. Now tell me why shouldn’t I love nature shoot? There are writings on the rock as well, but a few of us were wondering how did that writing ever get there? One explanation. Winter!!

Middle Rock River flow from Glacier

Another photo of the same place.

Finally it’s time to move on, and to our next destination. It’s a small island surrounded by the lake from all the rushing water.

Map of Mini Island

This place is called National Forest Park-Basomtso. Beats me why it’s called like that, I just read it straight from the ticket they gave me. Yes, you have to pay to visit there. There’s an entrance where everyone is supposed to fork out 100 Yuan (yes more spending) to enter. See that one small red thingy in the biggest blue patch. That’s how small the island was.

There are some other creatures that are around there too other than the usual tourist and pilgrims. They are so called everywhere even along the road to Chengdu.

Black Pig

PIGS!!!!!! No, they’re not the usual pink ones that one watched from the television.

Calm Water

Let’s get back to the story, as it was from a stream of water and all gushing to this lake, the whole lake is indeed calm. So calm, felt like I could sleep. Maybe perhaps singing, “The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music“. WEIRD!!!!

DanielCtw between Calm Lake

Okay, maybe I did. Dang!!!!

By the way, since that small island is in the middle, how do we even try to get across there? Here’s how?

Bridge on Water

Jeng Jeng Jeng!!! Wood panels that are being floated up with empty canisters and is not fixed to the ground. You’ll get what I mean later. We have to walk there from one way and back from another way. Basically we walked there clockwise and around the island and back. Of course, one small mistake might even be dangerous. Why? Here’s why!

Openings within Bridge

Ploop, you’ll find yourself wet and freezing. Don’t forget we are still like 5000m above sea level. Look how far the gap is! It’s fun for me though. The journey there was simply amazing, something you’ll hardly see elsewhere. My mistake on the canisters, there weren’t. it’s all wood.

Unstable Bridge on Lake

Look how far we have walked. All along the bridge where one side there’s a rail for those who were weaker.

Finally, on the island. What to do there? Basically it’s just an experience walking thru the island and for those wanting to prove their worth, there’s a small temple right in the middle of this island. Locals would pay homage and do their prayers here.

Mood of Tibet

Found a nice spot to take a photo. Soon it was time to walk back to the jeep and continue on our journey. It was basically a 30 minutes journey around the island and back with some shots taken to proved that we actually did go to that island.

By the way, I’ll end this post with something worth looking at. Something for your eyes to view.

Silouhette Mountain Side

The clouds and the sky and the sun, what made this picture stood out is the silhouette of the mountain amongst the bright and moody sky.

Sun Light Shine on Water

Noticed how different this is when taken at a different setting. At times one does not really need to view how the mountains look like. Shots like these could only be done in manual mode to be able to set the proper settings.

A word of caution though, do not expose your sensor directly to the sun for long time, you might FRY it.

Till then, I guessed I’ve taken up lots of time for this post and would like to get started on my Bali trip too. Good night, afternoon or morning and sweet dreams.


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