Monastery Visitation in Tibet

Yo it’s me again Daniel (known as DanielCtw) and time for a recap of my Tibet adventures. This post will take a super long time for me to write about the whole thing due to the many days I spent there. Of course any Tibet post won’t be completed without the blogger himself appearing inside the photos taken.

DanielCtw in Monastery

Yes, I am so full of myself. I just have to act a killer pose here. Okay, it’s weird that this photo should be the start of this post. Well, that’s me I guess. Now back to our Tibet Monastery post. As mentioned, I visited the Drepung Monastery previously and these are some of the weird things I witnessed there.

Kettle Boiler

What is that? A satellite fallen from space? Or is it about the weird expression on the woman. Surprisingly what I wanted to say is why the heck are there 2 flasks lying down there. Only to notice that there was a kettle in the middle of the whole thing. Surprisingly smart, innovative way to boil a water. Solar powered kettle. Beat that William. What a weird sight, but nevertheless creative.

Well, setting aside that, had the privilege of standing on top the roof of the monastery and this is what I took for the fun of it.

Top View of Drepung Monastery

There, that’s how it looks like. Straight from the camera. Beautiful? Not beautiful? It’s up to your eyes. The scenery to me was breathtaking and in additional to the cold weather and insufficient air, I felt hungry. Lucky me and the gang and the guide finally decided to eat. Darn I am hungry. So where to eat on our first day of guided daily tour in Lhasa, Tibet

Lhasa Namaste Restaurant Tibet

The place chosen was Lhasa Namaste Restaurant. After looking through the menu, there are western, chinese, nepalese and tibetan food. Seeing as I am now in Tibet, of course I would want to try Tibetan food. Food’s fine, but the most challenging and weird thing I did was to try the drink which most Tibetans drink. The deadly yummy Tibetan Yak Butter Milk Tea.

Yak Butter Milk Tea

Yak Butter Milk Tea in a cup. Why try something not Tibetan when you’re there. Here’s my experience of it, after sipping one sip, I had this feeling all over me. My taste buds were okay for awhile until the oily taste seeps in and ewwwww… I can’t stand the smell later on. It’s like I got this taste over me all the time until the following day.

Danielctw drinking Yak ButterMilk Tea

Trying to act cool while drinking the Yak Butter Milk Tea is hard.

Seriously I will try any food thrown at me, as long as it’s edible. This was how it went.

Now better believe it. It taste just like drinking oil + tea. Glad that’s done with and yes, I finished the whole cup. Then after that I’ve been able to taste the same taste through out the day that walking past a Yak Butcher Stall, it got me to think about that frightful weird experience.

Yak Meat Seller

That’s a butcher resting with the Yak meat pieces hanging on the wood. Finally it was time to visit the next monastery and to forget about the experience of ever drinking the tea. The problem is that, candles are lit up in the monastery with the same butter that was use in the tea. It made me felt uneasy a little.

Second Monastery Visit

The monastery in the second one has a beautiful backdrop. I am glad the sky was blue and not gray to be able to capture this shot. Though I wanted something different. So I look for certain angles to shoot and here’s one of those shots.

Old Building Tibet Monastery

An old building that has a weird structure to it. Look at the texture of it. Somehow I prefer this sight over the modern type buildings. It’s like there are history to be told, and waiting to be found out. One special thing about this monastery is actually the monks will be doing their debate here. Debate? Well, the debate is held in order to choose the next possible Master Monk. I did witness the scene but somehow it looks like it’s quite publicize.

Though a monk was glaring at me when I took this photo. Seems like he doesn’t like me. “Please don’t Kung Fu me!

Tibetan Monk Does Not Like DanielCtw

Monk : It’s hot here, and you why do you take my photo?
Daniel : *poof*

Total Damage done on that day for visitations.

Drepung Monastery : 40RMB
Second Monastery : 40RMB

Such crazy prices to visit monasteries if you would ask me.


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