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Memories of Tibet 2009

Looks like it's going to reach the end of my Tibet 2009 and this will be the so called last post. The most memorable occasion in Tibet is the Yak Butter Milk Tea

Final Few Days in Tibet Back to Chengdu

Last few days of traveling in Tibet. Basically it's all mountain, valleys, rocks, sky, stream and the cold cold night. It's a few more days as we have the fun time in Tibet. Can't wait to visit there once again.

Midui Glacier Tibet Adventure

Midui Glacier in Tibetan border is superb, no matter what season, Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter there will be ice and snow all year round. The view from here is excellent. I was standing on ice blocks.

Journey towards Midui Glacier, Tibet

The journey to Midui Glacier and it's near to winter and the leaves are changing colors in the Autumn season. Walking towards the Midui Glacier in Tibet takes roughly 40 minutes to 1 hour from the starting point.

Beginning the Journey to Chengdu in Jeep

It’s time to leave Lhasa Town. Where are we going next? We’re on our way to Chengdu, basically a simple road trip with a Jeep and a driver and a guide. Now not bad. Sad to leave the town of Lhasa as we grew fond with it with …

Tibet Lhasa Town Free and Easy

It’s the 15th chapter of the Tibet travel log and I am sure many people are slowly getting bored with the length of this post. Why is this trip super long and unable to finish? Reason: I was on this trip for 23 days, that explains why that …

Return to Lhasa from Mountains

Since we're now having our free and easy in the capital city of Tibet at Lhasa, we thought of looking for places to eat and definitely a few notable places we could hang out. Yes, get ready cause this time it's all about the food in Tibet. When …

Namtso Tibet Lake Scene

many many years ago, the ocean covered a lot of ground on the Earth. Then the water recede, the ocean trapped between mountains. This was then how the Namtso Lake came about.