The Weird Blue Lake at Tibet

Finally it’s the day to leave Lhasa town for a while and go on my way to the Base camp of Mount Everest. Yes, I will be traveling to a peak higher than Mount Kinabalu and the place I am going is nearly 6000m above sea level. It’s so gonna be cold up there.

Upon driving on the way, we made a stop on a site for photography, but amazingly we are also charged for stopping there. Each person was charged 30 Yuan (that’s RM15 in Malaysia). Just because there’s a lake which is so blue, it looks so fake. Yes, the blue makes it so fake  but what they mentioned was it was natural color and it’s not because of the sky, it’s due to some chemical in the lake. Amazing right. If you were to see it by yourself. Since I’ve already paid 30 Yuan, I just need to pose with the lake in the background.

Jeng Jeng Jeng. I love the solid background. No humans… darn red thingy at the side. Supporter of Liverpool FC all the way. Even in Tibet. Of course, I can’t get enough of just standing in front of the background. What about a JUMP????

I am here… woo hoo~~~ LOL.. Though it seems that everywhere I go, everyone is doing the jump. So not unique, I don’t want to be like everyone else. Why not do something else with the lake pose. Hmm… let’s do what Daniel does best. WEIRD POSE.

Hahaha… don’t know what I am doing. Not special but just want to do something different. Mission PHAILED. Ok done about this part.

Let’s see how it was before we (that’s me and the other 2 friends with me) got to the lake. We went on a jeep and below you can see the roads that were used to travel up.

A view from the jeep’s window

The road is so long and winding. Sometimes it can be very near the edge, the whole lot of us are praying the driver is driving safely. So anyway since the blue lake is there, we thought of going there nearer and nearer. So to see whether it’s really blue.

Here’s my friend here, Ek Wei with the so called dog of Lhasa, Tibet and with a local man. Now no alteration in the photo and yes, the lake is super blue even upclose. This is crazily weird. First time seeing a blue lake and it’s not an optical illusion.

So here’s another proof of the blue blue lake of Tibet. I just love the surroundings of Tibet. Superb sceneries, not many places you can find these kind of view and perfect sky.

Next this is the place we had our next stop. OMG, look at the height of the place.

5560m above sea level and we can actually see a snow mountain up close. Wooots… White white, something which I don’t get to see in Malaysia. What a way to play around and look at the clear white snow.

The surrounding area of Kharola Snow Peak which have the snow and yes, it’s just a 5 minutes walk there. Hmmm.. did some mini HDR technique on the clouds to avoid having just white background on the sky. Not so appealing but I just want to show you how the mountain looks like.

This is finally the end of the Kharola Glacier and Blue Lake of Tibet. The view is superb. I really love the view, oh my goodness, I wanna go there once again. What a day up 5000m above sea level. Who’s game for the next Tibet trip??

ps: What’s next? Food review? Bali travels? Kuching Travels? or more Tibet Travels? The decision is yours.


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