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1 Day Healthy Trip to Broga Hill

A day trip to Broga Hill, which meant that there will be lots of hiking and sweat. First things first, where is this location? Location of Broga Hill Broga Hill is situated near Semenyih, Selangor. The hill which is 400m above sea level, sits on the edge of …

Happily Eat, Play, and Relax in Port Dickson

Port Dickson, named from an English officer Sir John Frederick Dickson in 1889. Port Dickson is best known for its marine tourism surrounded by beautiful beaches. Not many expats heard about Port Dickson, however, when you have the chance for a short getaway for anyone to eat, Play …

Island Escape Berjaya Redang Beach Resort

A few weeks back, it was destined that the North Eastern monsoon would finally subside. It was 6th March 2015 and perhaps a road trip to Terengganu would be awesome. This time the destination would be Redang Island once more (Been there a few times already), but there …

10 Things To Do in Kuching

Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak sits on the Borneo Island of East Malaysia. Learn the 10 things you can do while in Kuching. This place brings a lot of culture, scenery and adventure for the traveler.

Visiting Legoland in Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia is here in Malaysia at the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia. A big wide area, it not only is great for family members but also good place for those people who would love some different theme park locations to visit. The place is very hot though