Currently in Chengdu

Yes, it’s me again after a long lapse and disappearance from the Internet world. Why did I disappear? Not that I want to, but it’s because I don’t have Internet access after the 6 or 7 days drive from Lhasa all the way to Chengdu. There are many many things which I’ve experienced during that long hours of driving and sitting in the jeep. There are many road blocks, check points, countless scenery and lots of other weird and crappy things.

Though I wouldn’t want to fit it all in this page, as a matter of fact, I will divide my purpose of writing in this blog as to purely funny and weird experiences with some gathering photos. The full part of my trip will be put on to another blog as to not make this blog a travel log instead. So prepare for the whole new experience and a whole new interface for the new blog which I will announce shortly after doing some major changes. There might also be a short competition and interaction for readers to play with.

Chengdu I didn’t get to take any nice photos but I’ll be back to Chengdu once I booked the new flights from AirAsia with their new flights to Chengdu opening in October 2009. When will that be? I ain’t sure yet.

So how long more till I am back in Malaysia? Beats me. Depends on the weather and the vehicle and the road. So what do I do now? Keep blogging with words? Not really, just that didn’t have the photos to blog now. Till next time.

DanielCtw in Namtso Lake 5190m

ps : Blogspot, Twitter, Facebook is blocked here in China. So that’s why I can’t visit other blogs. Take care over there people. Can’t wait to access these applications too.


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