Warm Hello From Lhasa, Tibet

Yo yo people. It looks like I have the liberty to post something while I am at Lhasa Tibet on this backpacking trip. Wondering what has been happening while I was away out here. It always seem to be a good time to see what I see to the people I miss and love back in Malaysia. So yeah, Hello from Lhasa my lovely friends.

Though it’s been just a week, I do miss Malaysian food especially the food at mamak. Especially now, I am craving for teh tarik (pulled tea) and the daily dose of chit chatting while having my usual mamak food.

Hello From Lhasa

The Gruesome Journey in the Train

Do note that I took the train all the way from Guongzhou (广州), and the experience was a tad bit different. Why?

It was a gruesome 2 nights and 3 days at the train. So with nothing else to do, I took a couple of scenery photos while in the train. For starters, Here is a sample of what is to come in the next future posts. As a matter of face, perhaps this might also be just a filler post before the thorough post comes along with all the spiciness and the travelogues.

Hello from Lhasa Mountain From Train

In the train basically just eat, sleep, rest, talk and get to know people around, even got to know someone from Sweden. So nothing much to do perhaps other than those mentioned.

The Limited Internet

Not much time to edit. Most of them in raw format. I just wanna show you guys I am still alive and very much active. Only a little bit altitude sickness at the first few days up the train.

Snow Mountain

So until the day I’ll be back. Which is another 2 more weeks. I’ll be up to Everest Base camp tomorrow.

Of course one of my favorite, the monk in Tibet.


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