The Randomness at China and Tibet

You don’t really need to think how to create a post to create a post. Do you get this? Well, here is a few things that I took with my Samsung D510 Phone and guessed what, it’s all the randomness of the pictures I had while I was in Tibet and also in different parts of China.

This trip was meant to be a budget in Tibet and China, but at times, I can’t resist trying to eat something familiar, and what a choice to eat. KFC in China. Don’t ask me what it says, I just chose the food right off the menu.

But but but… sometimes when there’s no place to eat fast food, we have what we call expensive train food, and it might look familiar, but the taste is totally different from the food we have back in Malaysia.

Food taken on a train on the way to Tibet.

Of course nothing beats drinking economically, and that’s Tsing Tao Beer from China for you. Cheap and definitely tax free. It’s cheaper than Coke and other soft drinks.

All this is so that we’ll get ready for our walk along the tricky path of Tibet, a place where you have seen me exploring but at times with a handy phone, you get to see pictures that aren’t appealing. It might not appeal but it sure is mysterious.

This is the pathway to our hotel actually. Now if this were in our streets, I bet that this is a perfect place to ambush.

Of course, if I had a video cam the next video would have been better. Darn. I need a video cam.

Now then after pondering and witnessing all the old photos from the Tibet trip, I find that my features are changing. Seems to look like someone. Who?

What is this? Dae Gil or Song Tae Ha? (Korean Drama people will understand this!)


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