Another Day in Lhasa

I am sure some of you wanted to know what happened in Lhasa. Well, as a matter of fact, when I’ve reached that place, Daniel Chew (me of course) was okay on the day he arrived on the train station in Lhasa, Tibet. With all my giant bag and a camera bag, you would have thought that Daniel would suffer from backaches and stuffs.

Daniel arrived in Lhasa Train Station

I look like a miniature guy with a big big big big bag and I can still pose. Now who say I wasn’t strong enough to carry a bag like this. So being our first night finally after the long stay in the train which nearly lasted 3 whole days, we’re waiting for our tour to come take us. Mind you, in Tibet, we need to get special permit to enter and the only way to enter is to go thru tour agencies (What a rip off…..)

Of course, I haven’t properly introduced my friends that went along on this trip. Well, other than their names here they are.

The Tibet Gang

Somehow I can’t resist but naming ourselves as THE TIBETAN TRIO. Familiar? Heard of the SOUTHERN TRIO?

Haha… the relieve we all had when we arrived in the so called dark alley and to be greeted with a place with superbly hotel like room. Nice bed they have there. There’s also WIFI connection here in this hotel. Seeing that we’ve reached this place about 10pm, we all grew tired and of course next day has arrived.

The following day deserved more pictures and to come to Tibet, one has to at least visit the Potala Palace. Once known to be the place where the Tibetan Kings reside, then the Dalai Lama and the administration. Now it serves more like a tourist spot.

Potala Palace Outside

Photo shot with original colors. Might have overdid the color settings on my camera though. The place is huge, lucky I got my Sigma 10-20mm lens along with me. Credit to both Kenny and Ek Wei for coming along and snapping photos too (some of my photos XD) .

But what the heck? Me posing like that? The picture above is so not me. I was trying to think, why not try a decent pose for the camera, but then I wondered. Isn’t that what most people do when they take photos? Where are the weirdness in this kind of shots?


Potala Palace Kungfu Pose

The KUNG FU pose of Tibet. Finally a worthy photo to be put on Weird Weird Denial. So darn right. I call this the TIBETAN KUNGFU STANCE. The photo with Daniel inside it is amazing isn’t it? From what I know, this place was built on top a mountain but then now they cut part of the mountain, thus preserving this place.

There were many other activities I did along the way, but none so significant. Well, lots of landscape shots, portrait shots, but those would appear in my new upcoming blog which would be announced in the coming future. Hopefully by the month of December 2009. So hold your horses and don’t even bother looking for it through the Internet right now.

Moon in Lhasa Tibet

Night came… thus we slept with the taste of DICOS in our stomach.

Dicos Restaurant

Photo of Dicos credited to VictoriaAdvocate.

Yes, they have this fast food in in Lhasa Tibet and I can daresay it really saved my life and appetite most of the time. Why? I am sure those who have heard of my Tibet experience would know why.

After sitting down in Lhasa for a day, it’s time to get ready for a guided tour by the tour agency. When? That will be the following day. Where to next?

Where next in Tibet?

I leave this picture for your mind to wander about. Damn I am weirdly EVIL.


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