How to Have a Memorable Family Vacation

There is nothing more disappointing than planning an elaborate family outing and have your kids complain the entire time. You are determined to have your next memorable family vacation be something the family will never forget.

Daniel Chew Osaka

Here is how to make a vacation your family will talk about for years to come.

3 Ways for a Memorable Family Vacation

Try Something New

Travel is an opportunity to see new cultures, ideas and lifestyles. Don’t let your vacation turn into the same old thing you would be doing at home. Take time away to try something new! Talk to your family about what interests them and get out and try it. If you like the water but live in an area where water is miles away, then a boating Peekskill NY experience may be just the thing to book. Your family will always remember the time you went on a new adventure.

Pose beyond the Rock

Try something different. Do a different pose while taking photos. Sometimes a photo is the best memory one can get. The above was taken in parts of Tibet. It was a refreshing experience as we brave the waters to take this awesome shot. Alright, it’s just me though.

Take a Break

Life can be so fast-paced. If you go on vacation and continue to go full speed ahead, the only thing you will be doing is wearing yourself out. You don’t want your time with your family to feel like a blur; you want to remember it! Slow down on vacation. This doesn’t mean do nothing, but take opportunities to stop and take in the sounds, smells and feelings. Relax a little. Your future self will thank you. 

maldives water chalet

A memorable family vacation on a holiday island sometimes is good enough. There is no need for a lot of sightseeing and the above was when I was in Maldives. It has a very serene kind of feel and this enables one to relax and unwind from all the work. If you have your kids around, they could just enjoy the scenery and the quietness here.

Stay in the Action

Waking up to the sounds of the ocean or views of the cityscape is something your family will never forget. When you walk out your front door and step directly into the center of the excitement there is no wasted time getting to your destination, you will already be there! That leaves more time for memory-making.

single traveling

The beach is definitely one of my favorite destination when planning a memorable family vacation. The sound of the waves, the sea creatures that comes out from the sand during the low tide. For those that stay away from the shore, this is definitely a refreshing site compared to the bustle and hustle of city life.

So bring your family for those vacation in these areas and enjoy the time and life.

Being together as a family doesn’t have to be a struggle between parents and children. Take the time to plan new experiences that are a break from day-to-day life and those memories will always stand out for both old and young. 

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