Visiting the Drepung Monastery Tibet

Going to Tibet reminds people that it’s a place full of monks. So this was where and when the 3 of us Tibet travelers gone on a guided tour to monasteries. Our target location is Drepung Monastery. Located at about 3900m above sea level, and on a hot sunny but cool and chilling day.

Daniel Pushing the Tibet Rollers

Some amazing facts, Tibetans go up to monasteries and push these roller yellow things as they walked past. I find it intriguing and it really amazes me to learn a bit of their culture. Just wonder about this makes me want to know more about their culture more. Silently said, I can’t seem to get a good picture of Tibetans without arousing unwanted interests from them. (Many times they asked for money when we want to take their pictures)

So how does part of the Monastery looks like?

Drepung Monastery Building

The buildings there mainly consist of bricks and cypress wood. The sky was perfect, I didn’t really need to alter my images with Adobe Photoshop other than adding the watermark and resize. Of course, the sceneries you see in this place would give you a hint or two as to other upcoming places in Lhasa, Tibet.

Just so happens that I have to make my presence known here. As a sign that I’ve been to the Drepung Monastery and what better way than to pose a shot there. (Yes…. no more kung fu shots….though there’s an urge to do that)

Daniel Chew poses at Drepung Monastery

Ta dah… got to thank Kenny Lim for this shot. Though kinda strange if you ask me. At least still noticeable. See the big big curtain at the back, it’s what you will see almost everywhere in Lhasa, Tibet. It’s like their trademark and mind you, it’s usually made out of yak wool.The above is basically one of the entrances to temples.

Of course to show you how high this monastery is, here’s a simple shot I took from above.

Scenery From Drepung Monastery

The place.. is so full of mountains and trees and leaves. Now seeing all these greenery makes me want to go to New Zealand for my next destination. Then I can be one of the handsome Lord of The Ring character. So right now I shall content myself with being a Kung Fu man.

Of course that’s not just all of Drepung Monastery. With that many photos and lots of other tasks in hand, I’ve taken a short cut to writing this post in a fast motion. More pictures would be uploaded and rest assure, the photos will be up and about in no time.

ps : Widened the template for the posting side, so pictures are now wider.


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