Return to Lhasa from Mountains

Finally back from the mountains, it’s now free and easy in the town of Lhasa and I’ve forgotten that I brought bread up with me to the Mt Everest base camp. Now look at how the bread turned out.

Bread Bought from China puffed up

All puffy and somehow reminds me of a fetus that can’t wait to get out from the womb. Jeez… of all things I have to think of that instead. What bread is this though? Just a simple flour and nothing inside. In English, they only wrote French Bread.

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Okay, enough of the bread. Since we’re now having our free and easy in the capital city of Tibet at Lhasa, we thought of looking for places to eat and definitely a few notable places we could hang out. Yes, get ready cause this time it’s all about the food in Tibet. When you’re outstation, one has definitely got to try the local food.

Makyeame Restaurant in Lhasa Tibet

One of the place that we found is Makyeame Restaurant, located at the pedestrian street of Lhasa. As you can see, there are two exposures of the same restaurant. The sun was blazing sunny but the weather there is still cool (compare to our hot and humid Malaysia), so we didn’t even sweat. Well, that’s for a country that doesn’t hit the equator and also about 5000m above sea level.

Seeing this restaurant and since we’re all hungry, let’s get some grub.

Top View Restaurant Makyeame

Not until we see what’s the view from the top of the restaurant. Remember we’re sitting at the roof top and unlike the houses we have in Malaysia, the houses and buildings here all have flat surfaces.

Makyeame Top Floor Seating

This is how the place looks like when you’re not overlooking the ground below. Ahhhh…. many people so it seems. Kenny sitting there playing with his HTC and going online. Darn, they have WiFi here. Those days I don’t have a WiFi enabled gadget. We’re actually practically waiting for our food to arrive.

Of course, why not start with a taste of something Tibetish, a Tibetan beer. The name is Tibet Beer – Green Barley Beer.

Tibet Beer Green Barley

What an original name. There are loads of Barley in Tibet, heck they even have a tagline for this beer which is Beer From Top Of The World. Simply amazing I must say.Taste like beer and yes, there’s no way you can find one of these alcoholic drink in other countries.

Now on to the food.

Tibet Beef Rice
Tibet Beef Rice with Capsicums

Basically they really love capsicum or some people call them Red and Green Pepper. This is my dish and really, it’s all about beef in Tibet. The sauce wasn’t bad at all too. Not that much special if you’re always in Tibet, but wait till you see what my two friends ordered.

Tibet Bread
Tibet style Pancake.

Wonder what they put inside, but was told that there’s a lot of barley. Well, what do you expect from a place like Tibet which mass produce barley.

Rating: Yummy, we ate the whole thing. Left one more piece due to repetitively eating the same thing.

Mushroom Tibet Special
Mushroom Tibet Special

With Tomatoes along the side, and mushrooms with their own recipe and flavoring, this was one of the best food I tasted.

Rating: Super duper high. Must have. Must try if you ever come to Makyeame Restaurant in Tibet.

Special Tibet Style Season Rice
4 Seasons Tibet Rice

The final dish of the day at Makyeame. From the picture, there’s carrot, raisins, cucumber, capsicum and other vegetables and herbs. Small portion but splendid.

Rating: Another superb delicious food out there.

As you can see, Makyeame Restaurant in Tibet was known and oh so well, there are many people who left their mark here from all over the world. How do they do that? Well, one special thing about this restaurant is that they have a visitor log book where visitors to this restaurant are able to write in their experiences and anything into it. There are like 10 of them and here’s one of them.

Makyeame Visitor Log Book

Now imagine if you were to visit there one day and were to find a portion of the article written by me dated year 2009 under the name DanielCtw. That’ll be like wow…. incredible and definitely weird, don’t you think so?

Of course, since we all have our free time around there, it’s no wonder we get to go to a few more places to eat food that our stomach can fathom. Something which we are all familiar with. PORRIDGE!!!!

Mushroom Porridge

Mushroom Porridge and only for 12 Yuan. Well, everything’s in town are usually this expensive for tourists, but we’re not complaining. Simply delicious. Of course we also had Century Egg Porridge, Fish Porridge and Beef Porridge too.

Toufu Century Egg

Another dish that’s our favorite is the Toufu with Century Egg combo. Simply delicious that we had this dish like 3 times in our stay in Lhasa in one of the restaurant. It’s really that good. Thinking about all those food made me miss Tibet now. One thing about Lhasa is that most people there eat a lot of meat. You wonder, where are the vegetables?? We can’t stand it, we got to have our greens.

Green Vegetable Finally

Finally Green Vegetable! Something which helps to clean our bowel system. Though this is the only food that I dislike. Okay, maybe because I don’t really fancy vegetables. I am more of a meat eater, but in order to maintain a healthy balance diet. I have to take vege too.

Before I go on, did I mentioned that I came up in the local China Television. Yes…. I mean it. It really is my name………

China TV Knows DanielCtw

Don’t believe me? Now believe it. Fuiyoh!!! What’s my Chinese name? Go figure if you can read Chinese characters.

That’s not only the surprise, I even saw someone else there. Yes….. none other than Bae Yong Joon. Korean?????

BAE Yong Joon

The above picture is the original Bae Yong Joon! Now what about the person I saw?


Ek Wei Bae Yong Joon lookalike

HAHAHAHA!! Don’t kill me please.

Okay, enough of the irony. After all this food and tasting, it really is sad to look back at the photos and missed those times going out with a bunch of funny guys. Here’s the final photo to the 3 of us. The Tibetan Traveler Gang!

Memory of Tibet Food

Clockwise from top left: ME!!!!!! Kenny and Ek Wei

Here’s for more trips for us in the upcoming years. Backpacking style!


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