Advertise Here Right Now is now open for incoming ads, albeit an advertisement for travel related materials. It would be a link, an article, a photo link, a video ad as long as it is travel related.

Why Advertise Here?

Going through a third party will make you pay more than its usual cost. A blogger might have gotten the post for $100, but because you engaged a third party, they will actually charge you $200. If you directly contacted a blogger for the post, you will save almost 100% of your cost.

Advertise is a travel-related blog showcasing the places that the blogger travels to and also tips and tricks in traveling around the world. Weddings are also a part of the travel as the blogger goes around to take photos of the wedding procession.

All around, ads that are based on the above mentioned will have priority over other ads. Ads that contained pornography or links to pornography sites would be rejected.

As of current, ads that are picture based would have to follow the proportions based on the sideboard, the leaderboard or the header bar. The blogger reserved the rights to alter the size of the ads to fit with the design pattern of the blog if needed.

Sample Post

Do note that articles would have a range of 400 to 700 words depending on agreed amount and conditions. A sample article with 600+ words from 5 Tips To Awesome Trekking to Your Next Holiday ensures that search engines would pick up your article as it is deemed great quality content.

What not to do is to have short articles which are less than 200 words. With the new search engine mechanisms for SEO, a shorter article will ensure your article is out of reach.

Who are The Readers?

Readers of Daniel Chew the Wanderer ( ranges from those that like photography and travel. Estimate ages about 18 to 40 of years. Most of the readers primarily comes from Malaysia with USA a close second.

What else to know? is open to suggestions to the placement of ads and other ideas concerning advertisement specific related activities.

Terms and Conditions

  • All material for use in the stated advertisement must be sent by email to us at least two (2) business days before publication day.
  • Advertisements will run upon completion of Insertion Order Form.
  • Upon commencement (ad is running), there will be no refund for cancellation.
  • All stated rates are quoted in US Dollars (USD $) and are subject to change.
  • will not be responsible for the loss of material in transit.
  • While all effort will be taken to keep the website running 24/7, will not compensate advertisers for server or website downtime for a period less than 8 hours. Should a shutdown of the site occur for a period longer than 8 hours, advertisers will be compensated by an additional 24 hours of advertising.

Short Note

If you would like to contact me on this matter. Please email me at

Advertisement ( with the header Advertise with

Or you may use the Contact Us form if I cannot be reached with that email. Thank you!

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