More Monasteries and Mt Everest

Looks like Mt Everest is upcoming in this post. Or is it? When I first stepped into Pelkhor Chode Monastery, I was thinking to myself, not another monastery. I was hoping that we could actually go on our way to the trip towards Mt Everest. That’s all I ever wanted. But little did the 3 of us know is that there’s something unique regarding this monastery.

Yes, Pelkhor Chode Monastery is situated at 4050m above sea level. That’s like the peak of Mount Kinabalu, situated in Sabah. Surprisingly it wasn’t that cold and I was able to walk in with not so thick clothes. Unlike the other monasteries that we’ve been seeing all these while, these place is a little bit too far out of the country side. Thus we were able to see how was this monastery used to function.

The monastery is surrounded by walls, high and thick. This is so to look out for intruders and to prevent intruders from going into the monastery to attack it. Daniel is very impressed with the architecture of the whole structure of the area, but then that’s not what make this monastery famous. One thing though, for a monastery such as this, it’s 40 Yuan (there goes another RM20).

The picture below clearly depicts what is different about this monastery.

Look at the EYES along the walls. There are four pairs of them and this is what made this place unique. Another thing though, we are also allowed to go to the upper floors to take photos. The only catch is we have to pay 10 Yuan (another Rm5) which we all declined. (Doubt can ever take any superb photos with the sky so dark).

Finally other than these features, nothing much of this monastery. Though a funny thing happened while we were on the way out. A group of tourists (aunties group) wanted to enter the monastery only to find out they have to pay 40 Yuan for it. Then they gathered on the front gate of the monastery and took photos when the monks there asked them to leave for being cheapskate. They didn’t bothered the monk and took the photos and left with their bus. What a strange incident if you could actually see the monk’s expression and frustration of the so called cheap group.

Finally it’s time to move on. But little did we (when I say we, it means Me, EkWei and Kenny) know, we’re still are not able to continue our journey towards the mountain yet. There’s another monastery that we’re compulsory to make a stop.

This place is a whole lot bigger than the small monastery we’ve visited though. Using gold as ornaments. I must say it’s a fine monastery. Have another close up on the roof.

Yup, actually we’ve traveled quite a distance to reach this monastery and that’s why the sky is now bluish compared to the early darker sky. Kind of strange, the sky being so blue, unlike the ones I get to see here.

This monastery is also one of the most frequented. Well, with a big giant statue of Buddha, that could be the reason. Pilgrims or locals would come here, then they will walk past a path and ring the bell 3 times before going in. Then 1 time before going out.

This is the bell I am talking about.

Of course sometimes am able to capture certain shots that isn’t so monastery like. Just playing with my camera and testing it out. Well, either you can call me weird or maybe I just wanted to try something different.

But then maybe that’s not the real reason, do you see a group of people on the right? Yes, all of them are female and their doing some kind of ritual dance on the rooftop. I still don’t know why? But it sure is interesting.

The sun was blazing hot, but they still carried on doing the dance.

Soon it was time to say goodbye. Next photo is time to leave, and why is the sky so blue? I used vivid settings on my Nikon D300. That’s why it turned out that blue.

Where to next?

Let the photos do the talking and you do the thinking.

ps : In terms of photo shooting, something is not right with this photo. Though sometime rules are meant to be broken.

Finally it’s my turn to appear!

You don’t actually need a DSLR to take photos, this is proven by this person next.

Ahemz… see the camera PLEASE.

By the way, what do we all hoped to catch with our cameras here. The next photo will definitely give you an answer.

Wooots… more snow. Guessed that concludes this post. But wait where’s Mt Everest? Didn’t I mentioned it on the title. Ahemz… yup, it’s behind the lump of cloud there. Okay, then if you’re not satisfied, let’s sing.

I’ve got a feeling
Why the mountain hide from me x 2
hide from me~~~~
I’ve got a feeling
That maybe because I am weird x 2

Put away that cloud, let’s give it up
Go dance with me, let’s call it up
Why you so impatient, then just scroll down

Just scroll down, just scroll down, just scroll down~~

Woo hoo~~~~~


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