Midui Glacier Tibet Adventure

We’re now finally back to Midui Glacier and more and more adventure as we carry on. Surprisingly it’s going to reached almost a year since I last came back from Tibet. Well, actually it took quite a while to draft this whole post and I haven’t even started writing on Bali and Philippines too.

Midui Glacier Tibet 2009

Now this is the journey to the Midui Glacier, Tibet 2009. That’s like a year ago and from this post, I am leaving to Taiwan in awhile.

Midui Glacier

Midui Glacier against the brown sandy stream. Now wait, how did the water came about? The source is the ice that is and still melting.

Midui Glacier Closeup

Then we got a bit closer.

Midui Glacier Super Closeup

Then it was then super close. Alright alright, it’s just the lens doing it’s thing. Of course let’s judge how far is the glacier from the lake.

Human with Midui Glacier

Now that’s what I call far. It looks near but indeed, the ice block the one you see like a small little brown hill is where we will be heading, and that’s like still a mile away from the snow. Of course along the way, there are many things that caught my eye. One of them is something protruding out from the stream.

Midui Glacier Remnants

Something white in the middle of the stream. It’s big.

Big Ice Block

Oh… it’s a piece of the ice that was left all alone there slowly melting but right in the middle of the stream.

Midui Glacier with Ice Block

Remember the brown hill? It’s actually ice covered with mud. Yes, it’s all ice blocks. This is the part where we get to stand on though. Of course, shooting can be done with a different setting. The above shot with a lighter color style.

Ice Block Closeup

To show the ice is really there, I took this shot and you can see that it’s really ice. Of course, nothing would be complete without making my mark that I have been to this place. What’s will all the scenery if I don’t have myself in it too. It shows that I’ve been there. I don’t know about others but that’s what I will do when I reached to another distant land. Maybe I should have done something like Matt? DANCE??

Danielctw at Midui Glacier

Or just pose!! Of course some of my antics were caught by my friend Ek Wei. This I got to show you.

Daniel and Kenny at Midui Shooting Photos

Kenny and me trying to take our best shots of the place there. Of course we didn’t know that the camera was pointed at us. Until…… Ek Wei called my name and Kenny’s.

Pose after Shoot

What else! Pose time. I guessed I can forever do the cool type of pose.

Of course, there were many photos taken, but if all things have to be posted on this blog post, it’s gonna take forever on Midui Glacier.

Important Side Note: I had one of my scary experience here also (besides the night experience). When I took photos of the Glacier, I have been looking at the camera for too long pointing towards the Glacier. Bad move…. after that I had problem with my vision as the Glacier is too bright with the ray of the sun shining on it. I was seeing everything with blurness and whitish all the time. It was hard to adjust. Thank God I was okay after a few minute rest without taking any photos.

Of course, where there’s great photos, there’s also time to depart from the place due to time constraint.

Lake with Ice Block

We went pass a lake which have huge ice blocks in it.

Anyway for those who don’t believe the water was cold when one touches it, believe it. Imagine what will be in the next picture?

Ice Taken from Stream

It’s cold and he got hold of an ice particle in the lake and brought it along. Now imagine how cold his hands were. The whole ice and under the hot sun. His hand is gonna sting. Ouch!!!

By the way, this post is a pre-setted post as I am currently away in Taiwan and that means more photos to come in the coming future blog posts. Of course there are Bali and Vigan photos to be uploaded too. If you would love to see more of the photos, do visit my facebook photo page that I’ve shared. My facebook link is found on the right.

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Simple post this time. It’s more towards scenery.


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