Tibet Lhasa Town Free and Easy

It’s the 15th chapter of the Tibet travel log and I am sure many people are slowly getting bored with the length of this post. Why is this trip super long and unable to finish?

Reason: I was on this trip for 23 days, that explains why that there are tonnes of photos and it doesn’t seem to finish. Of course I do select photos to be displayed here.

Here’s a recap for those who missed it, the last few posts showed that I was back at Lhasa, and for foodies, the last post was all about the food in Lhasa town, Tibet. Since it was practically 2 days free and easy in the town, Ek Wei, Kenny and me went on a stroll along town to capture the beauty of it. Well maybe to me, it’s the weirdness of it.

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So what else can we see at the town. Didn’t I covered that part in the beginning of the post? Well, now we walked even further as we traveled on foot and on the occasion sat in the taxi.

Golden Yak Statue

As usual the only superb landmark in Tibet is the Potala Palace and once again we go to this favorite landmark trying to capture it in any way we find intriguing.

Potala Holy Palace Tibet

Currently all photos published for this post, none got Photoshopped except resize and blog link being added. The vivid function is an overkill but at times it gets the job done.

The above is another perspective looking from the road below towards the Potala Palace in Lhasa.Then up again we go to the shooting place and paid 3 Yuan to go again.

Potala Palace Perspective

Another shot, this time aiming at the structure on the right with the Potala Palace in the background. Weird shot if you ask me. But then when we thought we’re having a fun shooting and that we’ll be the only one shooting up there, wait till you see what’s next. Other than us, there are like 3  to 5 other people shooting and one person has one of the best equipment there is there.

This has got to be one of the best photography equipment that I’ve seen ever since I set foot on Tibet. Feast your eyes on this.

Powerful Camera Taking Potala Palace Shot


I want one like that. By the way, we’ve stayed around 5 hours here to see the climate changed and how it shone on the Palace itself.

Potala Palace Sunray

Above shot using the Nikkor 55-200mm VR lens around 4pm. Remember when I said people came up to take photos of the palace, here’s proof.

Taking Photos at Potala Palace

Ahemz… move on.

Anyway it’s getting dark and people are starting to flock before the night really comes. But hey, look at all the patience we had waiting for at least 4 hours. We finally got our glimpse of how it looked like in the dark.

Friday night Potala Palace

DARN Lights shining on it. Looks just like a toy now.

Haven’t been blogging much lately and my text are getting lesser and lesser. Have a feeling people don’t really bother reading text that much when they have photos to see, other than the captions and stuffs. Though I won’t be spamming my whole post with photos, this isn’t what a blog post should be like some of the blogs out there.

Some description would be nice. Anyway here’s a tip when you’re traveling, never regret taking that many photos on the same location, cause it will be like one in million time for someone to go back to the same place to get the desired photo once again.

I shall end this last day in Lhasa post with a few photos of some of the other delicacies in Lhasa.

Pork Steak Lhasa Restaurant
Western Style Pork Steak

This one is not what I ordered. Either Kenny or Ek Wei ordered this.

Tong Yuen in Barley Beer
Tong Yuen in Barley Wine

Not surprisingly, I ordered the weirdest food once again. That was my dinner. Sweet and a bit sour, but still nice. I guessed that’s why I am the weirdest of them all here.

Finally, no more Lhasa posts, the following ones would be the drive down towards Chengdu and on the way there promises to be more spectacular view. So be prepared for multiple back to back posts coming your way.

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