Kuala Lumpur Archive

View at Look Out Point Ampang

Seriously, previously, when I was at LookOut Point somewhere around the borders of Cheras and Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, I remembered. I remembered that time I only have my Nikon D40 camera and my kitlens. Looks like after a few months or rather a year ...Read More

Cold Blooded Zoo Negara

An exciting trip to the zoo. Well, it was for me. But so far I’ve only let you people see the warm blooded animals. What about the cold blooded animals. The reptiles. This brings us to our final episode of the visitation to the ...Read More

Bukit Tabur Video Done

I’ve got nothing much to say, but finally youtube and streamyx didn’t die on me when I first had this video. All I can say is this is one of the nicest activity done during this climb. Though you guys need to tilt your ...Read More

Niu Ze Xui Visitation

Have you ever heard of a place call Niu Ze Sui NZX (牛车水) ? Yeah, it means bullock cart water???? Argh… my direct translation is really bad. Well, blame it on me for not knowing proper chinese words. Yes, anyway that’s beside the point. ...Read More