Final Few Days in Tibet Back to Chengdu

It’s going to come to the end, and yet I felt that there are many more photos to be uploaded and shared on this blog. Though as time passes by, these are all but memories of my trip in Tibet with 2 friends, Ek Wei and Kenny. The posts about this trip is going to end in the upcoming series with maybe a filler in the end for some memorable moments.

Final Tibet Trail

Tibet as we know it, is a land far far away from my home in Malaysia and it’s like a land of a different culture. Earth is definitely a wonder, a splendor when you view it from photos. Tibet used to be governed by the Tibetan government under the Tibetan King and the Dalai Lama until the China Government took over. Well, anyway, the last few days in Tibet will all be here.

Waterflow from the glacier

On the way back, there are loads of stream and water along the road. As expected, it’s from the mountains. Basically you have got to see how close it is the road along the hills. It’s so close to the ravine, it’s dangerous.

Jeep on the Mountain Trail

No barrier whatsoever, just one small mistake or if the driver were to fall asleep or careless, we would all meet our doom. The guy peering out of the jeep is none other than Ek Wei. Well, I was outside when I took this shot. Love the sky there. Love the scenery.

Of course, when I am out there, it’s time for some pose of the Weird One.

Superman Daniel Chew

Daniel Chew is the Superman. Darn, just realized that I have already lost about 3 to 5 kg when my jeans are getting loose. Seriously, I can even see my jawbone protruding out. That is the same case for the rest of us too which includes Ek Wei and Kenny.

Rocks Against Cloud Scenery

Well, along the way, we only got to see rocks and clouds and trees and more trees and more rocks and ahhhhhh…. basically it’s kinda boring along the road driving back towards Chengdu with no more magnificent scenery to take or places to visit. I will surely miss my trip up Mt Everest Base camp, Nam Tso Lake and others. Strange, it has been a year and I really want to go travel once again. I am never tired or bored of the same place though.

Anyway remembered I did say it was a whole lot dangerous when we traveled at night? Yes, we were like traveling in total pitch darkness as there are no street lights on top of the mountain trail. One eventful thing though that stuck through our journey was we had our jeep tire punctured. Oh man, of all things it happened during a super duper traffic jam up in the mountains. What a day to happen.

Dark Night Traffic

It was actually cold in this dark night traffic. It should be about 8 to 12 degree Celsius. Still it was an experience that the whole lot of us definitely won’t forget. Though at times, cameras take certain shots without me realizing that it can actually capture certain scenes.

One of them is the one below.

Bird Scene

Bird Returning To It’s Nest

Maybe I should have  zoom this photo a bit closer and see how it looks like instead. Partly modified so that the background is all gray.

Posing Beyond The Lake

Well, I must say that all 3 of us are very sad that we are going to be off from this land in another 2 days after this photo was taken. It was Chengdu afterwards which we didn’t bother taking any photos as we only arrived that place in the night and thus we all regretted for not taking out our cameras after that.

For those that miss parts of the trip, here are the whole issue again.

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Nevertheless, there are some things which is more important than going on a travel trip. They are friends who loves to travel and stick with you through thick and thin.

A filler will come in sooner or later, and then time for my post on Bali. Hooray!!


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