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Wacoal Sensuala Calendar Girl 2010

A few days back, I received an invitation from Wacoal regarding their Sensuala Calendar Girl 2010 event. After many months and days without attending any event, it’s finally time to attend one. You must’ve wonder, lingerie? Yes, lingerie!! There are lots of crowd over ...Read More

DCIM Velocity Angels 2009

The past weekend, DCIM organized a photography fair or rather a camera fair. Well, so to say, I want to know how it feels like and thus I was there to patron myself to all the models cameras there. Since I miss the first ...Read More

Fashion Fusion in Times Square

A week ago, Daniel went to Times Square with the purpose of joining the Kokorobox Red Box Karaoke gathering but since he’s early there, he knows about the fashion show that will be on in the afternoon. What fashion show? It’s the Fashion Fusion ...Read More