Tibet Journey to Mount Everest

It was our final place to visit. The base camp of Mt Everest. I am one of the few who get to spent like 20+ days overseas and get to visit the base camp of Mount Everest or to the locals here, it’s called Mt Qomolangma. Before we even reached the base camp, we were given a sneak preview of what we’re going to visit. Mind you, even the sneak preview, we still got to pay. That’s like RMB40 again. Darn….

Various Peak of Various Mountains in Nepal

Now imagine for a sneak preview, it’s 40 Yuan. Well, in order to do that though, we wanted a better view, so we climbed up the smaller peak and boy~~~ it was superbly tiring. Must have been the thin air I guess. Well, it was tiring and guessed what, there are a few motorbikes going up and down that peak to ask us whether we want to hop on their bike to go up.

Since we were dead tired, it was a good offer. Only to be asked to pay 30 Yuan which we bargained to get it at 20 Yuan. Money suckers. Every thing is payment here and there. At least though we reached the peak to catch a glimpse of the Mount Everest. Also I get to sit on a local’s bike. Bumpy ride but an experience but then to pay that much, suddenly it felt not so worth it.

The top is a breath of fresh air. I get to see the top unlike others who are below being bothered by peddlers trying to sell their fossils being dugged out from the mountain. Yes, prehistoric fossils. Those shells.

From then onwards, I took out my gear, trying to capture the top of the mountain only to be blocked by a massive cloud. After waiting for 10 minutes, the cloud cleared and there it was, the tip of Mount Everest or Mount Qomolongma.

The mountain only to be blocked by a gravel of dirt. It feels so near, but the peak is 8000m+ above sea level. So after getting the great view, we’re on our journey once more. To go onwards to the Everest Base Camp, situated about 5000m+ above sea level. To think that I was able to stand cold on highlands, the cold here is crazy. My hand was frozen if I don’t have proper gloves.

When we reached the base camp, it was already getting dark, around 6pm, and with nightfall, the cold is getting crazier. It’s approximately 0 degrees Celsius. Early in the morning, Ek Wei woke up and showed us the thermometer he brought along. It’s below 0 degrees Celsius. Wahhhh~~~ and it’s about 530am. It’s time to wake up to reach the starting point of the track towards Mt Everest.

A proof that I was there.

The sight was splendid. It seems so near. If only I could have more time and tracked there. But I was feeling superbly cold and if I don’t get myself warm enough, my fingers could go frozen. What with when my gloves tore around the palm area. Wore 3 pieces of clothing to keep myself from cold, but it’s still not warm enough.

Cold until I can’t pose properly. It’s 5200m above sea level. This is still just below the rocks. Having trouble climbing up the cliff which is a mere 100 meters.

When we finally reached there, the sun came up and a Tibetan does his ritual there. See the peak covered behind by the clouds, that’s Mount Everest.

So fascinated by the beauty of it, I didn’t want to go back down, but being frozen is a far worst experience. So time to do some simple photoshoot before going down.

It was so cold. At least you can see the peak behind . Luckily the sun was a bit out so it was a bit warm.It’s WEIRD ME and Ek Wei.

Kenny came up later, so we didn’t get his photos. Well, group photo was done by ekwei as I brought my zoom lens and hands are too cold to change the lens.

After doing our shots here in Mount Everest, it’s time to go back down, and back to Lhasa Town, Tibet. Of course, one can go back with a souvenir to certify that you’ve been up there and it only cost 70 Yuan. Money again. ARGH~~~~

I was running out of RMB (Yuan) so didn’t want to spent it on unnecessary expenditures.

While on our way back sitting in the van, we stopped for a last time view on the splendid architecture of God’s and capture the scenic view of the Mount Everest bask in sunlight. The view was splendid, I wondered if I could actually one day go there again.

It’s time to go down, and after going down like 20 minutes, it seems that one of the people in the same van left his mobile phone at the base camp. Thus a call was made up there and someone brought the phone down. Of course, not all things are done for free and it’s 100 Yuan. What an expensive carrier. While waiting for the person to come down with the mobile phone, an exciting view comes into my focus, and I got this next shot.

Too much of foreground maybe, wasn’t prepared. Well, could have cropped it though, but I love to picture my photos thru the viewfinder and not by cropping photos. It takes practice. I ain’t a professional yet and I am hoping to take nicer photos in the coming future.

I guessed that wraps up the Mount Everest Base Camp trip. At least it was an experience worth having.

Ek Wei and Kenny wondering, is that all? Darn… can we go there again. I wished for it too.

Until then adios and good time reading.

ps: Upcoming post, a little bit about Malaysia instead. Too many overseas trip. Let’s talk about Beautiful Malaysia in the Land of Kuching.


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