Traveling Around Hsinchu 新竹

It is time to come back and continue the once forgotten adventures. After getting a new laptop, it took some time to recover old files that were in the old hard disk. Time has passed but with photos, those memories still remain fresh in ...Read More

Moving around Taoyuan 桃園

Daniel Chew is back and this time he travels to Taiwan. It has been 4 to 5 long years since he has gone to Taiwan. Unlike the previous trip which was on a tour, this will be a leisure trip around Taiwan. It was ...Read More

Perth III – Park

Yes, it’s the continuation of the Perth experience. For those that miss the previous posts, here are the links below. Perth Part I – Clouds Perth Part II – Journey It’s time to relish back the Perth, Australia experience. Yes… for those that have ...Read More

I Missed Perth

I really missed being in Perth. The place where I met with my godsister, a friend and also a shouter. Well, I am still saving up for a trip back there, and maybe thinking of finding a holiday and if the opportunity is given, ...Read More

Bagan Lalang Posers

Previously in Sepang, dated 31st May 2008, a group of crazy people went to Sepang, Bagan Lalang and was amazed that there is a clean beach in Selangor. Okay.. not so clear as Redang but nonetheless better than Port Dickson. Well, seems to me ...Read More

Food Hungry Till Simple Food

These past few days, for those that follow me on my travels and adventures will know that it’s been quite a posh life. Eating and dining at specific places which sometimes might drain my positive cashflow if I keep on doing it over and ...Read More

Chronicles of Valor

Finally Chronicles of Valor has begun, well, still couldn’t find a suitable background for it. But what the heck, I realised those can be added later on.. BTW, I am trying as hard as possible to get in touch properly with Photoshop. It ain’t ...Read More