Sabah Archive

3rd Year in Kota Kinabalu Sabah

As most of the readers and twitters that followed me, you will know that on Friday 2nd April 2010, I will be off to Kota Kinabalu again. This time will be the 3rd successive year going there. Though there won’t be any mountain to ...Read More

Expected Climb Up Mt Kinabalu

That day has arrived, everyone gearing up to go up the mountain. I wished I was in bed though and the journey started later, but No~~~ Guess where did I sleep? The upper bunk or the lower bunk? But then how can I start ...Read More

Kota Kinabalu Exploration Day

It was finally the second day of our trip in Kota Kinabalu where I will meet the rest of the group. Weird thing though is that this is the event before the island trip to Pulau Manukan. The weather wasn’t fine thus I took ...Read More

Pulau Manukan Exploration

It’s me Daniel back again and this time hoping to relive back the old activeness in me updating blogs and going about talking about my recent adventures. It really deserve a big big topic and post on it’s own, about my Manukan Island experience. ...Read More

Flight to Kota Kinabalu Sabah

It was May 1st 2009, a public holiday for everyone to enjoy and also a day for Daniel (DanielCtw) to enjoy his first trip of the year. Whee Hoo~~~ All the way to East Malaysia in the land of Sabah, I look, I see, ...Read More