Last Travel Memories of Tibet 2009

Looks like it’s going to reach the end of my Tibet 2009 and this will be the so called last post, a depiction of the final travelogue of my memories of Tibet. Well, who knows there could be a reprise of it in the coming future as I looked upon to travel to Tibet again in the coming future. Below is a 1280 x 850 Snow Mountain photo for you to look at and to download. Some people prefer the black background.

Memories of Tibet Wallpaper Snow Mountain

Final Memories of Tibet

So how’s the weather around September 2009? During that time, the leaves are starting to turn yellow and Autumn is approaching. Winter is definitely going to be a super cold time in December.

Autumn Arriving in Tibet

One thing I like about Tibet is the country side. This is one lasting memory of the many memories of Tibet. I loathe the shopping complexes compared to the country side where everything is peace and tranquility. Moreover there are lesser cars and motorbikes moving around all day to make one feel frustrated over the busy roads of a metropolitan city. *RANTS RANTS*

Living along the cliffs

Sometimes we complaint how unlucky, how nice if we were to stay near the mountainside. But let me show you how does the people live there. It’s like living on dangerous land.

Buildings along Cliffs

The 4 to 5 story buildings were built alongside the cliffs. I mean, what happens if there was a landslide. This I dread to know. I felt that it’s kind of a scary place to live in.

By the way, it was really a superb sight when traveling in the morning in the jeep high up in the mountains. The scenery is superb.

The Tibet Hills

Of course, when you travel at night, it’s what we call dangerous instead. Though with the above scenery, it makes me wanna do crazy and weird stuffs like a cartwheel.

Cartwheel Daniel Chew

FAILED though. Shadow was removed to show it’s really the WEIRD ONE.

Now most of you must have been thinking, how did I manage to get along in Tibet with my half past six Mandarin. Besides I don’t even speak Tibetan. It’s all thanks to this person, our handsome Tibetan Tour Guide.

Tour Guide

Fuiyoh…. kinda modern. He speaks quite good English too.

A picture of me with a Tibetan. Why not??

Weird Pose with Tibetan Tour Guide

Though I look weird here. The wind was blowing straight at me and boy do I look thin.

DanielCtw and Tibetan Driver

Here’s the Tibetan Jeep Driver. Now it looks like I am reaching to the end of the post.

In the end, what was the most memorable occasion when I was in Tibet with Ek Wei and Kenny?

There is one I can still remember, the taste, the aroma and none other than the Yak Butter Milk Tea which can be viewed at the mentioned link. Perhaps this could refresh you on the milk tea.

I know, back then the video quality was bad, as I only had 3GP format only back then. If it does not load, you may visit this Youtube link instead.

Another thing I would miss on this trip is the amount of crazy things I did. Imagine jumping up with a face mask.

Jumping Daniel and Ekwei Facemask

Finally this wraps up my post and looks like the post about my 20+ days journey in Tibet has finally ended. Now what should I blog about? There is Bali and Philippines and Taiwan upcoming too. Looks like more drafts to do and more photos to share.

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This has been an exciting travelogue which I hope in the future would happen again. To many travel adventures in the future!


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