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[Movie] I am Number Four

I had my hopes not so high after the disastrous movie in the title of Dragonball : Evolution. I am Number Four storyline is kinda wishy washy but also disturbs your mind. How weird can one be. I am Superman. ...Read More

Prawns of Disctrict 9

Coming from a weird kind of attitude and being weird in self, I find that I got myself kinda intrigue to this new movie from Sony Pictures and produced by Neil Blomkamp. Yes, the movie I am talking about is DISCTRICT 9 and after ...Read More

Recent Nuffnang Mamma Mia

I am back from the Nuffnang Event of Mamma Mia. I must say I am impressed with the storyline of the movie premiere though I would say not many people around my age would enjoy with a reason. Why?? First you’ll be looking at ...Read More

For The Sake Of Outings

Days ago or rather weeks ago, someone came all the way back from Perth and back to Johor, South of Malaysia. Then from the South, that person came all the way up to Kuala Lumpur. Yes, and thankfully Devince planned this outing so we ...Read More

Nuffnang Pirates on the Loose

pirates la… pirates la… danielctw sparrow… ho ho ho ————————————————————————————————— Fui yoh, one of the biggest bloggers get together meeting. I mean WOW… the whole theater for us bloggers. Afraid I would be reaching there late, then I slowly slowly la… paiseh want to ...Read More