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Hi there. This is my profile page. Good day to you. I am Daniel Chew and I am the author of Daniel Chew the Wanderer. This blog was meant to be a personal blog but somehow ended up as a personal cum photo blog which I would love to share my views and adventures to those who are interested in the line of photography.

I started Weird Weird Denial in 2006 in the hopes of writing what I felt and my everyday experience of the weird and random things about. To think back, things began to change after my blog was featured in The Star newspaper back then. It motivated me to write stronger and more defined topics, to somehow portray that I live to live this dream. Being a photo enthusiast, I am now using a DSLR, a Nikon D300/D40 to capture the moments and to showcase the life of a traveler, a blogger and a photographer.

History Profile Done. Now?

I am now taking photos for part time models (Fashion Show, Studio Shots, Concept Shots) and events such as pre weddings and dinners.

Added: After about 5 years of being called Weird Weird Denial since 2006, in the year 2011 July 28th, Daniel Chew the Weird has replaced the old name. Seemingly it syncs with the domain name. I am still me, the author is still the same, but this time, it bears more meaning. Finally it has now stopped at Daniel Chew the Wanderer.

Of course, being in the blogging industry has taught me many things, one is that no matter who we are, blogging is one of the good ways to make friends. It is also a way to express oneself. I think we all have an aim. My aim is to tell the world about the day I was and is to come and to share my thoughts and adventures and photos. 

Wedding Day Shooting Jenny Chee

Jenny Chee Make Up

Malaysian Dream Girls Season 2 Contestant – Pinky Liew Mee Han

Model Concept Shot – Evie

Travel to Lhasa, Tibet with view of Potala Palace

To contact me, please email me at me@danielctw.com or use the contact form available here.

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