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A Day Out at Penang

This post was way backdated, but yes, I had the privilege to visit Penang Island again shortly before my Tibet trip. Yes, it’s way before my Tibet trip which was like half a year ago. Now how far back that was. Ahhh… Penang reminds ...Read More

Your Penang Gang

Remember the Southern Trio?? Yes, the trip has not ended with more trips in mind for the next trip planned ahead. Where will they think of going to next? But before I even talked about where’s their next destination, their trip in Penang hasn’t ...Read More

Penang Sightseeing

Pictures are coming. Looks like it’s the first Penang Trip of the year. Yes, 3 guys from KL went all the way up to Penang. The same 3 that went for the ShoutOut Penang BBQ just a month ago. We’re just always going up ...Read More

ShoutOut Penang BBQ 3

Remember People there, click the Read More »» button to see more photos. ———————————————— The hopefully final installment of the ShoutOut series in Penang Island. Yes, for those that don’t know, it was supposed to be held at the beach but due to bad weather, location ...Read More

ShoutOut Penang 2

Warning : This post is full of photos so I am warning you people just in case some still using 56k modem 😛 ——————————————————————————————————————————– Well, this is the second part, in case you missed the previous part of this Penang trip, here’s the recap ...Read More

ShoutOut Penang 1

Yes, finally… the moment some of you have been waiting for. My trip to Penang Island once again, this time going up on 14th December 2007. Yes, I took leave from work to go up to Penang Island, The Pearl of The Orient. Well, ...Read More

ShoutOut in Penang

The ShoutOut Family. Ok, so I was in Penang once again!! Got someone bugging me to post photos, why??? Coz I am one of those with the cameras, too bad most of the pics are not that pleasing to the eye. So can’t upload ...Read More

Penang Trip Part 4

danielctw thinks you all bored jor see liao so many penang story, this one last ok. Later other place nia.. ————————————————————————————————— Penang Trip Part 1 Penang Trip Part 2 Penang Trip Part 3 The beach and it’s time to say goodbye!! But wait wait.. ...Read More