The Day I Visited Temples at Lhasa

After what have been a long time, it’s been overdue and this time I am trying to finish what I have been doing all these while. My last post talks about me in Potala Palace and what’s in store in there. Basically you will see Dalai Lama’s old place, the 3 Buddha statues (Past Buddha, Present Buddha and the Future Buddha).

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The view up there wasn’t as spectacular due to the palace is situated right at the city. So what do we do after walking up like few hundred meters up the palace, I took photos…. of myself again. This time thank you Kenny for helping me shoot these series.

But before that I would like to have your eyes upon this layer of sticks. Yes, they are part of what the palace walls were made of. Made from wood and those papers you see stuck between the wood are Yuan notes (China currency) with the occasional of other countries currency. Well, it seems mostly locals donate their money to the preservation of the temple/palace this way.

Now after what seemed to be a long time of taking scenery and the palace itself, I just had to do a jump.

Kinda miss the long hair though. Is like I have a ponytail at the back. Well, if I wanted to tie, I could though. Now after all the walking, it’s time to go out the exit and we were surprised that we came out from another door.

Hmmm.. Potala Palace, if I were to go to Tibet again, I don’t think I would bother spending 100 Yuan to go up this palace again. Seems all you need is to visit it once. Finally it’s time for lunch. I miss modern food and decided to get something I used to drink. That’s when I called for Sprite. Guessed who was on the Sprite container.

JAY CHOU?????? Really =_=”” Sprite ambassador?

It got me thinking, why do people collect Coca Cola cans, but not Sprite? Then I find that it’s useless thinking these kind of stuffs. After what seemed to be a long rest, it’s time for the next temple to visit. This time another temple which cost us 40 Yuan. Why is every temple costing so much?????

Since we got used to temple structures all the temples almost look alike, I decided to scout for some main architectures and designs of that temple. This was what I found then.

Shot using the 55-200mm VR, I got this shot. Seemingly a zoom lens was put into proper use that time. Nothing beats posing with the background of the whole temple though.

I see Bruce Lee in Tibet~~~~ not… darn it was hot and I was squinting my eyes. What are those decorations or ornaments made of? They’re made of Gold! Yes…. real GOLD.

Of course I wasn’t the only person on top the temple worth shooting at. (paiseh *shy*) There’s also the occasional monk climbing on top the roof to go on to the other side of the building.

Unlike the houses and temples in Malaysia, the roofs here are mainly flat. No tiles. From far, the red garment makes it look like Spiderman was climbing up the wall. This monk seems to capture my eyes and I decided to capture it at the moment.

Now what about Tibetan people? All these time, it was architecture and scenery, what about the people? This is how a Tibetan woman from afar looks like.

Yes, this shot was taken during lunch time on the top of a building. Look at the Tibetan woman below. I think I need a 600mm to get close enough.

Of course, other than Tibetan woman, there are the occasional tourist from other parts of China. Suddenly I feel much at home.

A Female Tourist from China

Ngek Ngek Ngek Ngek……

Signing off – till next time.


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