Namtso Tibet Lake Scene

Finally the 12th installment is here and the continuation of the Tibet adventures at Namtso Lake. How long more will this post be? Beats me… I try to finish all this in a jiffy okay?

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So let’s get on with what can one view here at Namtso Lake?

Now surprisingly some people wondered why did I use a logo instead of a url in the photos. Well, maybe after awhile I find that without a url, it feels hard to associate some photos back. Anyway let’s get back to the Tibet thingy. It’s clear blue sky there and this is what one could view at La Ken La. Refer previous Tibet post to understand where it is.

Namtso Hill Overlooking the Lake

A different view as I go a little bit higher and this time without those flags. Far towards the left of this photo, you can see the NAMTSO LAKE.

Anyway, after arriving in Namtso Lake, it’s time to put our luggage into the inn we’re supposed to stay. This is the place we stayed.

Holy Lake Namtso Lake House

Holy Lake Namtso Guest House, since it’s 5000m+ above sea level, the temperature could drop very low and mind you, there are wools around the building to keep the place warm. Lucky there’s the sun. Have a look in the inside.

Holy Lake Namtso Guest House Interior

The roof is just cloth or rather wool and the place looks comfortable enough. Just wait till you have a look at the room we are sleeping.

Namtso Lake House Room

3 beds. This was the only time where we were glad that we had only 3 of us going to Tibet. Shot with ISO of 1200, still ain’t so bad. Now enough of what’s in the inn. We’re not here to look at the inn right?

Namtso Lake View from higher ground

Finall the view of Namtso Lake from higher ground. We climbed up a hill to get this shot. The wind was blowing, and yes, that’s an eagle flying. Settings were set to vivid, makes a lot of things super blue. Seeing that you’ve made it this far, here’s a background of why is Namtso Lake a salt water lake.

As history mentioned, during the ice age, or rather many many years ago, the ocean covered a lot of ground on the Earth. Then the water recede, which what makes the salt water which is part of the ocean unable to move out of it’s location due to a mountain like enclosure trapping water above it. This was then how the Namtso Lake came about.

Namtso Lake Closeup Overview

The small figures you see below on the bottom left are actually human beings. Just imagine how big this lake is. There’s also a festival once in every year where pilgrims would come over here to walk across the dry land that you see in this photo. Too bad we missed it as it was a month ago before we arrived here.

As always, being in Tibet or Nepal, there’s always this familiar arrangement of stones. It’s also here in Namtso Lake where climbing up the hill, we also get to see them.

Stone Arrangement Tibetan Namtso Lake

Just how high it is. If you think you saw snow capped mountain at the background, yes, you’re right. Too bad I didn’t bring my wide up the hill. Kinda loss of breath due to high altitude and the cold wind. We stayed up there for nearly 3 hours. Imagine the strong wind blowing, I needed to find shelter behind rocks at times.

But why?? Why do we have to stay for 3 hours up there? The next photo would reveal something.

Tibet Namtso Lake Sunset Silouhette

Ahhhh!!! Looks like the sun will set soon. When we took this photo, it was already 4pm or 5pm in the evening. We know that we could actually catch the sunset from here. The problem is when the sun starts to set, the air became cooler, my hand starts to shake and I was chilly all over. I couldn’t wait any longer, so we walked back towards the inn. Only for me to get one last shot of the so called sunset.

Sunset Namtso Horizon Sunlight

TA DAH~~~ That’s the best I can do.

After reaching the inn, this is what we all did. You’re right, we didn’t have dinner. Too cold to eat.

Kenny Wrapped in Namtso Inn

Kenny in his sleeping bag.

EkWei wrapped in Namtso Inn

and the so serious Ek Wei in his own sleeping bag. XD XD… while I took photos.

ps: They requested to help them take this photo actually.

The next morning though, both me and Kenny couldn’t wake up at all. Or rather we were just too lazy to get up. Ek Wei got up on his own and walked at the lake. (Though I wished I had) He called both of us LAZY after that.

Well, I should have learnt my lesson after that. That’s because is not everytime one will visit the place again. By the way, by forgetting to bring one’s razor up here as we left some of our luggage back down at the town, I am sure some of you can’t wait to see how I looked. Maybe you can, but anyhow I am still gonna show it.

DanielCtw unshaven Look at 3 days

Okay, peace out.


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