TM iTalk Whoa IDD Function

TM iTalk, after what has been ongoing for a few months, it’s no wonder that it’s kinda addictive going live with social network on TM iTalk. After introducing this unique service in April 2010, it’s time to actually tell you what I have been doing with it.

As I am a constant traveler and when I do travel, I need cheap alternatives to calling back home. Yes, I know there are other online applications but due to me not getting a 3G service properly and with bandwidth cap, the best way would be to go IDD with iTalk Whoa. Here’s what I did. While on my hidden trip to another country in April, I just had to call back home, to tell my parents that I arrived safe and sound.

Being a traveler, sometimes going up to the hills of Mt Everest and experience the Tibet lifestyle, or visiting the temples of Bali, I will be glad to have an awesome IDD rate to call back in case of emergency.

danielctw in tibet

Yes that’s me in Tibet with one of the traditional costume. But during that time, there wasn’t any iTalk Whoa. If only there was, then I can achieved very cheap call rates back home. Rather I could also sms. Wanna know why? Just look at the amazing rates they give.

iTalk Whoa IDD rates from China

It’s 11 cents per minute if you’re an iTalk Whoa user. Not bad, talking on the phone would be like 5 minutes. That’s only 55 cents for 5 minutes. Arghhhh… if only I had iTalk Whoa that time (oops that time not yet launched).

Well, where the heck did I get the rates from?
TM iTalk Whoa IDD Rates

Now how about you people out there? Impressed? I definitely am. Looks like my next trip I can use it again.


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