4 Great Reasons for Visiting Pennsylvania

For those who are unsure of places to visit, the United States is a great place to start exploring. With fifty to choose from, there is a place for everyone. Bigger states tend to draw in more people because of their size and by Visiting Pennsylvania, you will know that there is no exception to that.

Finally after what have been a hiatus of travel postings, it is now back. This could be the next thing to do after on my next trip to USA after the MCO ends and perhaps a vaccine is already found.

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Here are four things you’re sure to find when visiting there.

4 Reasons to Do Visiting Pennsylvania


There are several different teams located throughout Pennsylvania. From the national league to the collegiate level, you can find almost any sport imaginable. Visiting Pennsylvania to check all these rival football clubs to feel the difference of atmosphere is fun. Rivalries are rampant, and there’s nothing like sitting with a crowd of die heart fans booing the enemy. Any sporting event you go to is sure to be quite an experience in this state.

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As one of the original thirteen colonies, there is an extensive amount of history found within the state lines of Pennsylvania. Two of America’s greatest wars were fought throughout its hills and valleys. You can turn back the pages of time by visiting some of the great places of the past.  

One of the reasons to visit an area is usually because of it’s history. As a blogger and a traveler, this is a must do as this helps one understand the culture this place once had and what to expect. It will also provide great material to blog later. History has not been my greatest subject in school but it is always good to learn about the different past of the place you are visiting or have visited.


Visiting Pennsylvania has been known to have some of the best food one can find. Their cheese steaks are unmatchable, while their hoagies are divine. It also claims to be home to one of the greatest chocolate factories the world has ever seen. Even buying something from food vendors Pittsburgh PA can be life-changing. If nothing else interests you, you’re sure to find some great eateries across the state.

Food is also more like a culture thing. In different states, all have their own specialties, which is why as a blogger, we should test the food too.

Visiting Pennsylvania Food


Because of its location, Pennsylvania is home to many activities. Winter brings some great snowstorms which open resorts for skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobile treks. Summer means pool time and hiking trails. There is something for just about everyone when they check out this state.

Pennsylvania is a great state for anyone. With so much to see and do, everyone is sure to have a good time.

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