While Waiting For The Pizza

Hungry am I!! Are you hungry too? Well, if you get yourself hungry, don’t ever ever look back at all your old pictures that have food in it. Well, it was a mistake made and because of that, I am now in a hungry state. But then, since I am the only one suffering, I am going to torture you people with more food pictures. Wrong, I just gonna show you what one should do when waiting for the food, in this case, the pizza.

Bread Pepsi Bread

So while waiting, there is bread and Pepsi to quench the thirst and some light snacks to eat. Well, it was a hungry time, so when you’re waiting for the main dish to appear and you have time to spare, what else can someone with a camera do. Take pictures, what else….

Waiting Daniel

Waiting for the food makes me obnoxious, makes me too hungry to do a decent pose, but wait till you see someone else doing something weirder instead just because food wasn’t around. Lo and behold…..

Juon Lookalike

Ju-on Lookalike pose saying “Food Food Fodd…. Give me my Foood!!!!!

Well, conclusion, bring in the food before you get more weird and weirder pose. So no food is equivalent to weirder funny expressions. Finally the pizza has arrived and no more weird photos were taken. Luckily one pizza was saved to show the final result.

bread soup Pizza Filled Cheese

With this, fully satisfied and not trying to be weird at all, Danielctw has finally gained the enough nourishment he needs for the day to start on another new quest.

Satisfied Danielctw

Time to start working on my new site at DanielChew.Net.

I am not liable for any eating disorder due to viewing this post. If you find this post interesting, why not subscribe to my feed.


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