Saving Money Like Crap

Lot of thoughts going through my mind these few days. Well, like I’ve never thought all these while! Well, one of them is how to save money? Also with the way I am living and trips I am going, it dawned upon me that at times I am eating more than I can afford to. So sad that finally I have now resolved to recording how much I spent on a daily basis. Then at last I have to resolve to this to curb my spending.

Banana and Bread for Lunch

Yes, only banana and bread for my lunch. That’s how I have to resort to in this coming month. I doubt I will be able to survive if I don’t do this. What other solutions I can seek? Well, one other way is to visit my sponsors too.

Feels Wrong Eating Lunch

Or I have to resort to eating bananas and bread for the rest of my life. See, I look totally not good.


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