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New Year 2012 at Desa Park City

The new year 2012 has arrived. More updates to follow, and wishing everyone a happy new year 2012 and do drop by for more weird and crazy write ups. The event period has ended, it is now all about the origins of this blog and how it should …

Weird Eating Durian with Rice

Durians are the king of the fruit. They are also nice to eat it on it's own and also nice to eat with rice. Don't believe it? This is what DanielCtw did, he ate durian with rice. Try it once, and you'll want it all the time after …

Blogging, Life and Worries

Sometimes life is not easy, at times we can turn a blind eye but at times we have to catch the deepest meaning of life. What does one want from it? Life as in real life is full of stress. Blogging is not just about making money. So …

Ultraman Pose in Pavilion Malaysia

Ultraman has arrived in Kuala Lumpur and with his trustees Ultraman Dan and Ultrawoman Yen, it looks like a time to clean the dirty evil in things in Kuala Lumpur. In a way, you might also see Ultraman life size model at Pavilion.

PBIM 2011 Expectations

PBIM 2011 is happening right now. All this brings me back to memories of Penang Bridge Run 2010 and also the times when I was in Penang during one of my trips in 2008. Excited as we will be listed in Malaysia Book of Records.

Many faces of Daniel Chew the Weird

The many faces of DanielCtw, now after 5 years of being the owner of this blog and many other blogs, he talks about his life, his weird ideas and what he loves to do best. Pose and faces and his travel escapades.

Being Older and Wiser?

Sometimes we feign that we are young all through these years, thinking that time stopped for us. Seriously though we are getting older, which we all cannot deny but are we wiser as we get older? As time passes by and as technology emerged, many people seems to …