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PBIM 2011 Expectations

PBIM 2011 is happening right now. All this brings me back to memories of Penang Bridge Run 2010 and also the times when I was in Penang during one of my trips in 2008. Excited as we will be listed in Malaysia Book of ...Read More

Being Older and Wiser?

Sometimes we feign that we are young all through these years, thinking that time stopped for us. Seriously though we are getting older, which we all cannot deny but are we wiser as we get older? As time passes by and as technology emerged, ...Read More

Plucking Coconuts Am I

DanielCtw is now the coconut man as he goes up a coconut tree to pluck a coconut and take some pictures of a bee and wasp in the middle of collecting pollen. Photography is back in his veins. ...Read More

SO HOT also WALK????

This is what I call no matter how, I will do stuffs most people won't do. I walked when I could drive, all because I wanted to save on certain things. Practical what!! Later people take over my parking space! ...Read More