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Plucking Coconuts Am I

DanielCtw is now the coconut man as he goes up a coconut tree to pluck a coconut and take some pictures of a bee and wasp in the middle of collecting pollen. Photography is back in his veins.

SO HOT also WALK????

This is what I call no matter how, I will do stuffs most people won't do. I walked when I could drive, all because I wanted to save on certain things. Practical what!! Later people take over my parking space!

Do You Use a Credit Card?

Nowadays people spend like crazy thinking that our parents work so hard, now we have more money to use, we can spend then later only start saving when we get old. This is so wrong!!!!!

Fun at Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

It was time for some recap. This time it was a day trip to Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. The blue sky was magnificent. The day was good. It was time to visit one of the nicest place to take some photos.

Mobile Blogging On The Go

Mobile blogging for me these days doesn’t necessarily meant having to plan to go to many places and just blog and blog. Sometimes and now a times, I find that with a mobile smart phone, the urge to blog using the desktop or laptop has surprisingly dwindle. Shucks…. …