Traveling East to India

It looks like September 2012 is coming to an end and then most recently Air Asia had an offer going on where one can get cheaper tickets. One such place that I would like to visit in the future is INDIA. Yes, the place where the Taj Mahal stood and also those places that I see in Bollywood movies.

My perception of India in the past was very different from what I perceive them now. Those days our media has always shown the India in poverty and thus after talking to some of my ex-colleagues who came from India, it is indeed only the outskirts and some parts of suburban areas where there are many poor people.

Speaking about India, Taj Mahal definitely rings the bell as much as possible.

Taj Mahal

Looking from this photo that I got from the web, it spells magnificent. Alright, at least I have gone up to one of the highest peak of the world. Dived around 20 meters deep in Redang Island, but I definitely haven’t been to any places with any mentioned Wonders of the World. So if I were to do it, I think India and visiting Taj Mahal would be the first thing in mind.

I daresay that the girls in India are also looking better. Maybe on the Miss Universe and the Miss World contestants, but who would not look good on television. Well, perception basically is affected through the media. If all girls there are like Vanya Mishra. Who?

Vanya Mishra Hot Indian Girl

Vanya Mishra is currently the Miss World India 2012 and WOW!!. Of course, beauty pageants exist for a reason and it is to promote their country. Or so it seems….

Well, all this is still rubbish talk if I still have not find a hotel in India first to stay. The culture there would be way different from what we experience in our own country as I believe every country has its own belief and culture. So maybe I should get myself a hand book about places and people of India. Places to stay? I have heard about the Recent Hotel Renovations in India where they are trying to upgrade their statuses so that more and more tourist would visit the country thus boosting their tourism industry. At least for me as a traveler and wanderer, this would be a great opportunity to get a proper stay and comfort.

Finally Bollywood, places where Shah Rukh Khan does most of his acting. Lastly I guessed the one thing that got me interested is something that starts with the letter K and ends with A.

K _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A


Here is a clue before I sign off.

Kama Sutra India



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