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Recently I haven’t been traveling that much. Wait… The wanderer has not been traveling that much?? Well, there are times we have our ups and downs and these time even though I am not traveling, I am sill looking at places to go. One of them sites that I frequently use is

It’s Christmas upcoming and this could be the season to travel when everyone’s away back home. Anyway, since I would not be traveling this Christmas month, let me tell you a little secret about how to enjoy your holidays with Christmas Promotions. Before that though, here is a leak of what I will be sharing about the things I did while I was in a place in this next photo.

Daniel Chew Osaka

Ahah… so where is this place? Well, if you recognize that Crab then you would know where this is. If you like going to places and trying to get a good deal in order to enjoy your holiday, you can try to get the best coupons by scouring the Internet. Of course, there are many sites you could look into. Some of us just prefer to go through Matta Fair, while I am sure with the Internet age right now, finding one’s option on the Internet by using Mr Google would also be another wise option.

If you love cashback, then try ShopBack (the top cashback site for online shopping) as it is now launched in Malaysia. I am sure that some of you are clueless as to what I meant, so fret not and have a look at the introductory video I have here below.

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So if you find this information useful, why not help me by being my referral to this awesome site to save and who knows we could all plan a trip in the future. One of them places would be Taiwan and South Korea in the year 2016 and 2017.

Here’s my referral code

A short update: It has been a long time since I actually been out as more responsibilities are piled onto me. Nevertheless, I guessed I have been out of the limelight even in the blogging world so the only thing I can do is maybe… just maybe… post my own photo.

Daniel Chew danielctw

Hahaha.. until my next travel. I promised that there will be slight increase in my frequency of posting since I have lots to tell ranging from Korea (continuation), Japan and even Taiwan (continuation).

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