[FNM Report] MillGro (Mill + Aggression)

It has been almost 1 year since my last FNM (Friday Night Magic) report, that explains how long has it been since I last played in a regular FNM game. If you are wondering what deck did I played the last time it was standard, here is the link to the Necrotic Ooze combo deck that I piloted previously with match reports.

Being a Johnny type of MTG player, I usually go for Janky funny unexpected decks and this time it was time for some milling + aggro (Aggressive) deck. Unlike most decks which usually people understand how to sideboard, this deck has many surprises. Against other aggro decks, it does considerably well and winning like a boss.

Here is the deck list. I call it MILLGRO with a slight twist.

MillGro Deck

Land (23)
1x Breeding Pool
3x Hinterland Harbor
4x Drowned Catacomb
3x Island
4x Overgrown Tomb
3x Swamp
4x Watery Grave
1x Nephalia Drownyard

Instant (14)
4x Dream Twist
3x Sheltering Word
3x Thought Scour
2x Abrupt Decay
2x Golgari Charm

Sorcery (7)
1x Artful Dodge
3x Essence Harvest
3x Mind Sculpt

Creature (16)
2x Desecration Demon
3x Consuming Aberration
4x Deathrite Shaman
4x Jace’s Phantasm
3x Wight of Precinct Six

As noted, the main focus of the deck is to kill the opponent via damage with milling as a secondary option. Here are some reports which you can see how did I fare in the FNM.

FNM Millgro

Wight of Precint Six could have been a 6/6 on Turn 3

FNM Match 1

Bant Control 0 – 2 : Very bad matchup as I did not prepare a proper sideboard.

Game 1: Milled him but no creature as all died to removal

Game 2: He resolves a psychic spiral as he found out my game and just flashback using snapcaster

Against Bant Control, found out that although we have Golgari Charm to help to ensure our creatures survive a Supreme Verdict (board wipe), there are way too many targeted removals. As for game 2, seemingly as there was not actually a sideboard for Psychic Spiral during that time, it cost me the game. Dispel wouldn’t work due to the overwhelming counters the Bant player has.

Future changes: Ground Seal, Invisible Stalker, Paranoid Delusions

Match 2

Aristocrats 1 – 2 : Golgari Charm is splendid here with so many toughness 1 creatures, only problem are the Cartel Aristocrats pumping the Falkenrath Aristocrat.

Game 1: Got down to 2 life but eventually won the next turn with a 19/19 WOP6 (Wight of Precint Six) after a resolved Mutilate, killing the rest of his creatures.

Game 2: Lost to tokens aristocrat beatdowns

Game 3: Lost to token beatdowns

A gamble on the first game to either die by a Searing Spear or a Falkenrate Aristocrat if he draws or I will win the next turn. Wasn’t prepared for tokens in the meta, so lost the other 2 games to tokens and Blood Artist on board.

Future thoughts: Curse of Death Hold, Illness in the Ranks

Match 3

UG Zegana 2 – 1 : It was either I get my pieces right or be damned.

Game 1: Won first game with WOP6

Game 2: Mana screwed, got returned all my creatures to hand

Game 3: Won with 2 Jace’s Phantasm that was online. He tried to Simic Charm both to my hand for his kill next turn with the hydra and Ooze. I hexproof one of them and drained his life.

Fast hand on the first game milled most of his creatures while he has no removers and creatures on board. Game 3 was a lucky hand and it got my first win.

Match 4

Mono Green Beatdown 2 – 1 : An aggro centric deck with rancor

Game 1: Won first game with 1 Consuming Aberration after I Golgari charm his ooze

Game 2: Lost to his fast hand ensuring a 9/9 creature with rancor beatdown

Game 3: 2 WOP6 to beatdown.

Another rogue deck which, was who had the biggest creature on board first. First round was milling most of his creatures thus ensuring that I have a great big consuming aberration coming up.

Round 3 was a rush as I started first, it was a first turn thought scour, 2nd turn 2 thought scours, 3rd turn mind sculpt and a WOP6. 4th turn mind sculpt and attack with 11/11 WOP6 unblocked as he wanted to keep his creatures for the next turn to hit and block with another creature during the next turn (10 creatures in opponent’s graveyard). 4th turn he knocked me down to 12 with 2 spare creatures on board. 5th turn I showed him an Essence Harvest to take the game.


The MVPs for the games are usually WOP6 due to the heavy aggro center decks thus ensuring better match ups with these matches. Imagine facing 3rd turn 5/5 and a 4th turn 10/10 in a game. Overall I had a great fun piloting this deck. There are something which have to be done to play with the control match up which will be covered soon.

One thing I like about this deck is that sometimes you will encounter people who will have this reaction.

Rage Table Flip

That’s where you know you have done a job considerably well playing against a non-tier 1 deck.

I hope you enjoyed this preview of the deck I piloted and having fun while surprising your opponents who are playing their so called Tier 1 deck only to lose to this funky “janky” deck. There are also other FNM funky decks which I have piloted which included Defender Combo and won with a Door to Nothingness.

Till then, Adios and hopefully with the next coming pre-release I get the cards required to be added into this deck. What do you reckon?


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