Protect Yourself While Traveling

Traveling is really a great thing to do. Unlike what most people were trying to say, budget traveling is indeed something worth noted as it not only save cost, it also helps one to avoid the unnecessary places that most tour organizers make it compulsory to visit. When I say budget traveling, it can also mean backpacking and also normal visitation of a country but on own planning.


There are certain things to consider though when traveling on your own. Unlike most tour agencies which usually provide you with insurance in case of any unlikely mishaps to happen while on their travel plans, traveling alone requires everything to be done on your own. This is when one needs to purchase their own travel insurance in the case of missing luggage, accidents and mishaps during flight, illness in another country, accidents while traveling. I know of many people who dismiss this insurance while traveling and yes, I did do that a few times too. Though all these changed, after the group I gone with lost their luggage and also another fell ill at the place we were traveling and we were short on cash. In short learn to Protect Yourself While Traveling.

What do we do?

Insurance is definitely something worth considering while planning your travels. Not only does it save time, it actually helped me out once when I had my luggage or the item broken in the plane. Now every time when I do travel overseas, I would now purchase insurance. Of course selecting an insurance company is indeed up to the individual.

What insurance company?

Not every insurance company provides insurance which are both affordable and available for coverage overseas. For instance, an avid wanderer like me needs to have sufficient coverage. So here I will be writing about an insurance one could have gotten with reference to Travel Insurance Direct.

Which insurance should one buy?

Though the best ideal would be a company where one can easily process their claims and the availability of a good reliable support from the insurance company itself. As a traveler, sufficient coverage for medical expenses, missing luggage, and other terrorist related incidents, life, delay in flights is very much a need to get insured for. Take for example; Travel Insurance Direct covers most of the things I mentioned. Medical expenses is so important while traveling (as a budget traveler, this is indeed the most important coverage) that I find it intriguing and grateful that the coverage for it is unlimited.

Like many people around, we all wish that every time we travel, there would be no incidents, but things happen. Better to be safe than sorry.

New Zealand Travel Insurance Quotation

Here is an example of if I were to travel to Japan.

Now how much do you think the premium would roughly be?

New Zealand Travel Insurance Direct Final Quotation

It is only $50.00NZD? Wow!! (Yeah, Travel Insurance Direct only covers residents from New Zealand). Of course, insurance only covers thing that are unexpected. If you are drunk and you drove while overseas, things like this are not covered. If you were to commit suicide or do something stupid like jumping from a high location into a pool or a trampoline without supervision, that also is not covered. So think before doing certain things.

Anyway, I am sure for those of you from other countries; you may get your coverage elsewhere. Of course choosing a reputable insurance is indeed an important factor. Do remember to check the insurance company background, what other people say about the company and any other factors deemed necessary before buying insurance. At least that is what this blogger can deduce from the insurance website. Before buying the insurance, it is indeed helpful to write a short description of the company, where we can look and research as to why to get the specific insurance. I guessed I have found one reputable enough already.


So do you think that getting insured while traveling is a necessity? I rather be safe than sorry, I already bought insurance for my family for our next trip overseas. One more note to mention, I still remembered having to travel to Tibet and I did not get any insurance. The jeep we were traveling on was very near the ledge and the mist/fog was making it hard to see on the road. The time was 11pm and the local driver was driving while looking at the side with the mirror wound down. Imagine living on dangerous traveling methods.

Traveling Dangerously on the Mountain Side of Tibet

Photo above taken while the blogger was traveling in Tibet and living dangerously near the ledge.

One word, protect yourself and your love ones.

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