The Weird, The Spider Tells a Tale

When we look at life, do we look at how beautiful our life is? Do we only look at humans and see how beautiful, how lucky, how pretty or handsome one is and tell them how great they were created. Though sometimes we tend to forget about other of God’s creation which are the animals, plants. Though when I talk about animals, people only tend to say out animals which look cute, cuddly and animals like cats, dogs, birds, bears were mentioned.

As Daniel Chew the Weird, this kind of things intrigue me as to why do people always have this limited mind. Why do many people just think of wonderful creation and they would just associate to this animals. So what says me? Let me introduce you to the world and the only shot I got of the spider that was only as small as a 5 cents coin. Well, that’s about 1 to 2 cm in length.

If you’re on a main page and if you are scared of insects, I have forewarned that the picture mentioned might not be to your liking. Proceed with caution. Screw it… it’s only a picture

Spiders are one of the most beautiful creation of God. Why? Imagine any creature with 8 eyes, ability to stick on walls and create webs which makes other insects stick to it while the spider does not. This is what Daniel Chew calls true wonder.

So anyone who are into the creepy crawlies do tell me what spider it is. Any insect enthusiasts out there? Macro shots? Would love to join you guys. Say hello to Mr Spider. This shot was caught at Langkawi.

Spider Malaysia Creepy Crawly

Need a macro lens or an adapter.

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