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Am I a photographer? Though I do own a sort of higher end camera like the Nikon D300 (well, sort of), have a few lenses like the Nikkor 50mm f1.4, Nikkor VR 55-200mm, Sigma 10-20mm, it does not seem to do what is best for the camera.

Sure having the 50mm f/1.4 should be sufficient. Many photographers out there without sharper lens usually use the phrase.

“We take photos with concept so it does not matter if we have not so good lens.”

My take on this.

If it is not good enough, no matter how conceptual, it is never satisfactory.”

Just look at how sharp this is.

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The lens really plays a great part in a photographer. As one grows into photography, owning a DSLR or a mediocre lens is not enough to satisfy a person’s desire. Also at least by feeling this way, it at least put me into a different class compared to those who just buy DSLR cameras for the sake of taking photos because it is prettier or nicer than normal compact ones. Seriously, going anywhere, I see many Ah Chong, Ahmad, Muthu (for references only, not related to anyone) all having their DSLR hanging and brought about with them and then after taking photos of people, they instantly proclaimed they are a photography enthusiast.

No matter how one thinks that not having better camera lens, they can still take better photos, but if you put another person who has better lens, better camera and take alongside you on the same angle, whose photo would turn out nicer? Photography is indeed an expensive hobby and interest.

Actually, this is just a RANT all because I do not have a sharp lens to take fine photos like the above. 600mm anyone? Definitely good for sports. Unlike the measly 55-200mm I am using. How bokeh it is, it is still not going to be sharp as above. Trust me, I know. You can look at all the model photos I shot and compare them to this shot, you will get what I mean. Same goes to anyone who read this post and have the mind to understand what I meant by saying so.

Now you know why I love shooting with the 50mm lens rather than my other lens unless required. Also after comparing the above photo with most of my zoomed photos, I feel depress. Darn photography, why do you have to be so expensive!!!!

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