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Visit to Aquaria KLCC

Aquaria KLCC in Malaysia boasts of a lot of underwater life. There's a large tube underwater for visitors to experience and look at the ecosystem underwater. Many weird creatures to be fascinated about.

Stalker or a Fan of Blog

I was greeted by an unknown stranger. It was none other than Aoi Sora.... well so it seems NOT. Darn. Anyway it was a weird meeting another blogger I think.

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2011

The Peranakan or Baba Nyonya food of Ponteh, Itik Tim, Acah and dessert like the Taibak are special during the Chinese New Year. Try this food if you're in Melaka if you have relatives from there or go to the nearest Nyonya restaurants

Relishing the Memories

I turned sentimental and looked back at old photos taken with my D40 during my early days. I felt that time was passing by so fast and that time it was 2008. Memories Memories

Suarez Scores in Liverpool vs Stoke

Luis Suarez scores on his first debut for Liverpool. The Uruguayan striker has performed well to impress the Kops. Guess Liverpool are now back into the business with 3 back to back wins. Next match: Chelsea

Happy Rabbit Chinese New Year 2011

It feels so sudden. Suddenly New Year 2011 just passes by like that and it’s going to be the Chinese New Year next. I used to remember when it was the Chinese New Year like many many years ago. Those days when I was young and wacky and …

My New Year 2011

How I spent my new year 2011? Well, not that it’s anything different. Since most people would opt to go for countdown. Well, of course, something like this could be started off with a group of people singing. So we had singing time with me occasionally going towards …