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Traveling East to India

India is another place that the blogger would love to visit in the coming future with special mention of Taj Mahal and the people and culture. Finding a place to stay in India would be easy based on feedbacks and Google. India is a ...Read More

Protect Yourself While Traveling

It is a great thing to be traveling and wandering, but it is also a good thing to get yourself protected by insuring yourself. Getting a proper insurance is what matters when traveling to other countries. Here are some reasons to buy travel insurance. ...Read More

Photo Using Sharp Lens

Taking photos nowadays is not about how well you position yourself and take at a certain angle. You can say it that way, but put another photographer with better lens on and if they take the same angle like one did, whose photo would ...Read More

Challenges in Life

Life is always a challenge. Many people have different ways of looking at life. Life is never easy, people who take it too easy is either lazy or just have no goals in their life. As we grow older, we have responsibilities and this ...Read More