Daniel Chew’s Confused Chicken

I am back after a long hiatus. Where was I? The post below would tell you all about it.

I am a wanderer. Sometimes I go to places that I hardly know and because of that, I do not realized if those places were forbidden.

They said that there was a place called Amokachi land where people go in and then didn’t appear. I somehow ended up in that place without knowing. Little did they know, that folklore was real.

I managed to escape somehow, but with a price..

I ran out of that place, thinking that I have finally escaped that dreaded area where I see people start dissolving without them knowing. I was caught in a surprise. I knew I have to run. I had to leave somehow.

I ran and ran and finally I came out of hiding.

This is my story.

daniel chew chicken

The horror. I am a chicken.

daniel chew chicken 2

Even though I am a chicken now, I still love to pose and ensure that the photos turn out in right color tones. In times like this, I fear for my life. I am a chicken. I could become someone’s dinner platter if I do not play it safe. I need to hide.

daniel chew chicken 3

I tried to change. I tried to make amends. I tried calling out to anyone, but all I could muster was my crowing which grew louder by the minute. It was terrifying. Imagine if something or someone found me. I would end up not being able to blog and write all my adventures and stories about my travel in Bangkok, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and about the wonderful places in Malaysia where I call home.

I need to go to a hiding until I am back somehow. I need to change back to my normal self.

Who knows what else lies ahead of me?

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