When to Buy a House or Property?

Finally, the 13th General Elections has ended, time for some breather from the hype around the elections in Malaysia. Time has passed by so fast that it is now the year 2013, and I realized I am not getting any younger (recently… how long did it took me?). The time has come (or actually it has been) for me to make some big decisions in life and to ensure that I am in a stable condition in terms of finance, health and career.

We all agreed that these 3 are usually the main conditions one look at in life. Without proper financial background, your health will deteriorate, your career most probably not your future. With ailing health, you must have used quite lots of money and you cannot focus on your career. If you have a bad job and you thought the company was right for you (even if it is not), you worked your health out only to receive small gains/monetary value.

Gaya Condominium Taman Melawati

Newly Built Gaya Condominium in Taman Melawati

Pushing this aside, once we go past this stage, it is time to move on to the next stage of getting a house or a property for investment and also for the future. Like some famous guy who said, “It is never too late to invest.

Pre-general election, most houses that were put on sale had crazy prices. If you haven’t join the bandwagon yet, maybe now this is your lucky day.

Wait, what does property have to do with the 13th General Elections in Malaysia? The picture below explains it exquisitely.

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A very good analysis of the situation, it seems that property beforehand was not in an affordable range. That explains why so many people or the ‘rakyat‘ have been renting house to stay instead of owning one. Post general election, the people have made their opinions well known. It is time for the government to serve the people and to cater to the people need.
Imagine, buying a small apartment can now cost up to RM300k which is kind of absurd. Long gone were the days when a small apartment unit can cost less than RM100k. What say you?

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