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Port Dickson BBQ Trip

It was 11th October 2008, the day when a few weeks ago, someone planned to have a BBQ gathering at Port Dickson and that person was none other than Joey, founder of But then Daniel and his 2 other friends, David and Carrie ...Read More

View at Look Out Point Ampang

Seriously, previously, when I was at LookOut Point somewhere around the borders of Cheras and Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, I remembered. I remembered that time I only have my Nikon D40 camera and my kitlens. Looks like after a few months or rather a year ...Read More

Daylight Port Dickson

As night time has past, Daniel awoke to find his eyes was blinded by the light, the rays of Sun light brandishing themselves on the faces of the 4 dwellers of Port Dickson. (I is PHAILED…) Back to reality, can you imagine, 4 of ...Read More

Night in Port Dickson

It was a night to remember. Well, a night without hotels, a night where 4 different people from different background got together to have a fun trip out of the blue. Well, the 4 different people though it was fun to be in Port ...Read More

Cold Blooded Zoo Negara

An exciting trip to the zoo. Well, it was for me. But so far I’ve only let you people see the warm blooded animals. What about the cold blooded animals. The reptiles. This brings us to our final episode of the visitation to the ...Read More

Jump As Much You Like

You know what to do? Everytime someone is on a holiday or going somewhere, it’s good to jump, but some jump in a very creative way. Well, some of them jump like how some other people jump, some wanted to do it a bit ...Read More

Visit To Kuala Terengganu

Welcome To Kuala Terengganu, that’s what the signboard says. Well, actually one would have figured that Terengganu would have been kinda old town but there is a China Town in Kuala Terengganu. I was amazed actually and this signboard was actually what greeted us ...Read More

Beautiful Redang Sceneries

Not enough of Redang, the first part of the Redang crashing was more of the people that are in the trip. Well, it was at first hard to organize a trip such as this, but then looks like I enjoyed doing it. LOL… If ...Read More