Pulau Manukan Exploration

It’s me Daniel back again and this time hoping to relive back the old activeness in me updating blogs and going about talking about my recent adventures. It really deserve a big big topic and post on it’s own, about my Manukan Island experience. Continuing from my previous post, Manukan Island is filled with lots and lots of homo sapiens and because of that there are bound to be so many things to shoot at.

Here are the past episodes of my escapade to Sabah and KK.
Part 1 – Flight To Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Group Pose
The 4 people of The Early Days of Sabah

So what do people with cameras and not snorkeling and playing in the sea do? They shoot photos. Before I continue though, what are some activities one can do on Manukan Island. They can snorkel, they can just lay down at the beach and tan themselves. Rather they can also enjoy walking under the sea. What’s that? Now presenting to you Scuba Doo!

Scuba Doo Mini Submarine

Yes, you can now go move underwater and swim with the fishes and wouldn’t be out of breath. Alright commercial break over. Those days when everyone’s on the beach, they do the above things, but with technology and everyone having a camera in hand, people now have the liberty to bring their cameras all around and everywhere. Just like these people.

Zoom Lens On The Beach

OMG… ZOOM LENS ~~~ What To Shoot??

Cameraman Behind The Pretty Lady and Child

This? Nope, I am talking about the guy at the back with his 12x Optical Camera I guess. Now what is he shooting? Now what am I presenting? Tonnes of expressions when shooting places with loads of people and just look at that child there, so tired.. mummy has to carry her/him. I want my own hug too.

Being a photographer, or maybe an avid photographer, there are some things we have to look at a different perspective. Example, a scene of a man sleeping?

Sleepy At The Beach

Hello, I am tired, k! See my Bull tattoo on my calf.

Wait, don’t tell me that you thought I’ve gone all the way to an island and take a photo of people like that? Nahhhh~~~ It just doesn’t seem complete right, without…

Quote From Baywatch,

The sun, sea and girls (in bikinis).

Asian and Caucasian Couple

A somewhat secluded part of the beach. Now look at what fun they are having right now.

But that doesn’t mean one can’t have fun on the seaside. The smiles, the anxiety as they wrestle each another.

Fun Wrestling in Manukan

Woots~~ Talking about real life wrestle in the sea. I wonder how is this game played? Until someone falls or until the guy muscle ache for carrying them on top. 😀

So maybe how about the next outing with sea included and we play a game like this. Bound to be fun though. Anyone wants to join in? If there are more guys than girls, please leave me out of the game though. HAHAHA!!

Though I must say having fun there was nice, but somehow I spotted someone there which really looks like a blogger from the blogosphere world. I just have to post this though!

Mystery Blogger Lookalike

Looks like who? Huei? WAKAKAKA

ps : Pictures are taken randomly and no harm were done.

pss: If you want to take photos of people on the beach, please do not stalk and take photos because you enjoy taking photos. You ain’t a paparazzi. Unless of course you spotted Megan Fox suntanning on the beach?

psss: Aiyoh~~~ there are no more pssss after this psss.


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