Cold Blooded Zoo Negara

An exciting trip to the zoo. Well, it was for me. But so far I’ve only let you people see the warm blooded animals. What about the cold blooded animals. The reptiles. This brings us to our final episode of the visitation to the National Zoo of Malaysia (Zoo Negara Malaysia). Catchy title? Haha.. well, it’s about the reptiles and amphibians. Oh wait, I did explained that earlier on.

One of the biggest reptile on earth, the crocodile. Amazing creatures they are, crikey.. Now I am starting to miss Steve Irwin and his crocodilic adventures.

Lazy Crocodile

This handsome hard scaly creature was a good pose alright. With it’s gaping mouth and excellent posture bathing under the sun, I must say it’s big enough to put my whole head into it. I should have gone for their feeding session, giving chickens. Very dramatic if you were to watched it. Oh, forgot to tell ya, they feed chickens to the pythons too.

There are many many reptiles and amphibians around, just that I decided to show a few. Well, there’s always flickr around right. (Just that I rarely update the photos there too)

Presenting the slow moving creatures, the tortoise. Kura-kura in the National Language.

Posing Tortoise

Well, I can tell you, they’re one of the easiest to take photoshots of. Why? Cause they’re slow and hardly move. So because of this factor, I am presenting another close friend of this tortoise guy.

Box Tortoise

Box Tortoise.. hmm, this guy was hiding below the trees and I just had to time it right with all my settings to get this shot. Fired 4 to 5 shots just to get one proper lighting. Well, blame it all on amateur me. Well, I love good shots and have since changed to take proper shots instead of fun shots ever since.

Well, my dream of getting the D300, SB-800 is another mile away. But it’ll come.

That aside, let’s look at what Zoo Negara Malaysia has installed for the visitors. The multi animal show. Though, they have more animals performing on weekends. Animals can also be tired, that’s why they need to rest sometimes. So on weekends there are more animals to watch.

parrot lifting the flag

Trainer : “I say lift up”

Parrot/Macaw : “Squawk”

Trainer : “Up Up Up, like how i zip my fly”

Parrot : “Squawk Arkkkkk”

Okay over-exaggeration once again. Pretty smart those birds, what about our next presenter.

Sea Lion Shakes

Come shake shake hand with the new presenter. The amazing seal/sea lion. With their flippers, they are extraordinary swimmers. Though dugung also have flippers but slow. Haha, let’s see what this sea lion can do.

Jumping Seal

Up up and away jump thru the hoop. Whoopee.. Excellent trainers and seal. Impressive? If you’re saying it’s not impressive later, the sea lion is going to roar at you for doing so.

Just look at the ROARSSS~~~~~~

Sea Lion Roars

So clap your hands all your visitors. What I’ve experienced years ago when I was in the zoo, that there were eagle shows too during the show. If I remembered correctly, there used to be a dolphin show but I think they stopped it after learning how high maintenance it is for a dolphin.

But I wonder what a dugong show would be. Just stay there and eat seaweed. Hehehe….. (inside joke)

Oh yeah, before I end this post, here’s one more little creature that I have to present.

Yellow Frog

Taken using HI1 ISO. Well, have to or else it’ll turn out weird. What is this, just mouse over it, and you’ll find out.

There are actually more creatures to witness, example the snakes and others. But I understand that some readers are afraid of snakes, so this is where those lovely serpents go into my flickr postings. Yes, just need to wait though. Snakes are indeed special and mysterious.

Guessed I said enough, maybe another trip to the zoo for the aquarium next time. So here I am signing off with a kick. WAA TAAAHHHH~~~~~

danielctw Kicking Zoo Negara Pose

Noticed the zoo at the background was closed already when this shot was taken. Ok, it’s 1:31am, got to sign off. Nights people… Till the next adventure and travel series.

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