Port Dickson BBQ Trip

It was 11th October 2008, the day when a few weeks ago, someone planned to have a BBQ gathering at Port Dickson and that person was none other than Joey, founder of Kokorobox.net. But then Daniel and his 2 other friends, David and Carrie had other ideas. Maybe just go there and bump into them and rather just relax at the beach and take photos. Well, to avoid the working atmosphere once in awhile.

Well, surprisingly, it was a very short notice for the 3 people and I really must thank Carrie for her willingness to drive. Did I forgot to mentioned, the 3 of us were previously schoolmates.

Blue Sea, Blue Sky

Look at the clear blue sea and the blue sky.. ya… it’s just color balance settings I played on my camera. Port Dickson is not that blue and judging from the photos, this is actually how it really looks like.

Sunset At Port Dickson Silhouette

As this beach is located on the West coast, it’s definitely you can only catch the sun setting at the horizon instead of rising. Yes, the crooked horizon. I am too lazy to modify my photos right now. Well, this is only one of those, I have lots of other Silhouette photos at Port Dickson.

The Port Dickson was rather a relaxation to find space and time for oneself. Okay, enough of the scenery then, who are the 3 of us?

3 schoolmates

From left : Huh?, Carrie & David

Well, we were getting tired at night, but you never know what other crazy stuffs we did during that night. I haven’t been doing weird things lately and showcasing them. So I think it’s hightime that I post something about me instead. Well, this is of course Weird Weird Denial. It should retain back some of it’s values.

The Prawn King

I was of course the night’s prawn king. I ate the whole plate of prawns seeing how lazy people become when eating prawns. That’s because they’re lazy to peel off the shell, so I had a feast on the seafood. I think I ate quite a lot that night, until I had a sore throat. I can’t even speak loud and my voice was coarse.

Yes, and Rukawa is my nickname all the way back to Secondary School. Weird eh??

Wondering DanielCtw

One thing though, despite all the fun and weird things I did in Port Dickson, there are times I need to sit down alone, and ponder, what am I actually doing in my current state? Maybe it’s due to a certain reason or many many reasons.

“Standing beside the blue blue sea~~~~”


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