Zoo Negara’s Many Birds

Previously on Heroes Weird Weird Denial, danielctw has left to the National Zoo in Kuala Lumpur which was like a month ago, only to be blogged upon today. Well, with the crazy Redang fever still fresh in his mind, he couldn’t resist but to showcase the Redang first.

Though I must say the Zoo is really a nice place to go if you haven’t been to one for a very very long time. Relive those childhood memories. Also for photo enthusiasts, remember to bring along your telephoto lenses for your trip to the zoo, you’ll definitely need it. If you’re a Nikonian like me, get yourself a VR lens to avoid excessive blur on your photos.

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Zoo Negara Bird Collections

Flying Stork

Flying Stork

Going to zoo reminds me when I was 8 or 9 years old, I get to go there for free during National Children Day. Those days, I see lots of animals that I always get to see on television. Well, considering though, I wouldn’t mind going to the zoo once again and this time make sure I get my butt there early to avoid the zoo going to close.



Oh if you’re thinking of going to the zoo, sometimes it’s wise to to go during the weekends. There is the night safari there, I didn’t get to stay for the night safari though as I went on a weekday.

Pink Flamingoes

Pink Flamingos

You must be wondering is there a pattern in my photo posting. Well, there is, it’s all birds for now. Well, birds make excellent photo shooting due to their vibrant and bright colors. So it suits the first brief introduction of the National Zoo or we call it Zoo Negara here.


The above looks like a parakeet, they are called Fisher’s Lovebird or known for their name in our native language as Nuri Chinta. Well, of course, they’re kept in a giant enclosure cage, but how did the photo turned out fine, that’s where focusing is needed and I had to manual focus on some of the shots.

The Hawk

Don’t play play with this guy. This bird of prey (hawk or eagle) was flying on the outside. Looking for food and it caught a mice. I was lucky to have seen it and it perched on top the tree. With it’s head against the sun, it’s a very good posture for me to have a shot of it. Now who says all animals are kept in an enclosure.

If emu Could Kill

If Looks Could Kill, I think this Emu Could. Capturing an emu this close without using any post cropping factor, is really breathtaking. Getting a frontal view is another awesome sight too. Though, never try to get too close to one, they’ll bite you.


You never knew though, in this hot and humid country, on the borderline of the Equator line, there exist the penguins. Yes, sad to say I used to see about 20 of them the last time I was here. Now there’s like only 2 or 3 of them. This particular penguin is so cute, he even came so close to us. Well, with the conditions they needed, the National Zoo (Zoo Negara) is having a hard time paying for their expenses. I even wanted to volunteer myself during the weekends to help in the zoo.

Now you have it. I have tons of other shots of birds, but then it would be wise to instead put into My Flickr instead.

Daniel Feeding The Elephants

Elephants getting their round of sugar canes. Well, just spare a buck or two for them, and donate to the zoo to be able to feed them and get yourself a priceless shot. So don’t just think that the Zoo Negara is just place for kiddies. It’s a nice place to be with, if you love nature, you’ll definitely love it. Well, I am thinking what should I be showcasing next. Reptiles (snakes, frogs, etc) or maybe to something mild.

Well, that’s all for now, I am gonna end this with a comical shot of my own. Adios.

The Story Of Daniel in a Zoo

Heee… You May Click This Photo to view it bigger.

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